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The Spirit of
Christmas Past

Metaphysical Mojo is pleased to present, Our FOURTH YEAR of

 The Spirit of Christmas Pas. During the months of  November and December, we will be sharing local stories, recipes, Christmas crafts, games, Christmas trivia and much more. We encourage all to share this page with others so they can experience the magic, wonder, and childhood memories of the holiday season.

Bright Blessings to you and your family.

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Bruce the Moose

Bruce the Moose: A Canadian Icon Disappears.

Written by: Johnathon Boyd

    It was a sad day in December 1984. A Canadian Icon in most malls and shopping centers disappeared without a goodbye. I used to live for christmas and running to the Quinte mall to see...Bruce the moose!!  He was MASSIVE. it is a happy memory of the first time years ago that i came to know bruce the moose. I had never seen anything like that. A twenty foot tall moose, that moved and sang to music. it was loud when things clicked and moved, but what a sight!


    I remember that the show would last about twenty minutes. bruce would come to life, tap his hoof, play a piano, sing, blink his eyes, move his eye-brows and turn his head. during the show, bruce would be joined by his friend Chestnut, a Squirrel that lived in a log in the scenery. They would sing a song and finish the performance together.

    The show centered around the true meaning of Christmas and to be caring, sharing and loving to your family. There were three songs, only two i can remember: (Guess Who) it's bruce the moose and That's christmas,C-H-r-i-S-T-M-A-S! Every child who sat on Santa's knee, would get a set of bruce the Moose moose Antlers, a bruce the moose colouring book, and a candy cane.

      around December 1984....Bruce the moose was no more. I felt like a piece of my childhood was ripped away. i was hoping he would return someday...and that dream is still alive. i stay positive that he is stored away, under a dusty tarp, in a warehouse in belleville, ontario...waiting to be rescued. BRING BACK BRUCE THE MOOSE !!

    Thank you to The simpson blog, for the use of pictures.

for more information on bruce the Moose, please click Here.

Bright blessings


Bruce the Moose from various malls across ontario. the one at the Quinte mall in Belleville, Ontario looked Like the Bruce from picture three, with the piano from picture 1.



The Belleville Santa Claus Parade, No Replacement For The Original.

Written by: Johnathon Boyd

     I am a sucker for the original. If it isn't broken don't try to improve or fix it. I was happy as a child in the 1970's to stand outside and watch a Parade, not a loud bunch of music to cover the generators, on a cold night in November. Give me the ORIGINAL Belleville Santa Claus Parade !! You remember the old parades through downtown, great floats, lots of bands from all over Ontario, and it was during the daytime. It was always the last Saturday in November and usually the same day as the Eaton's Santa Claus Parade in Toronto. The old parade route would start at the Fairgrounds, go north on Sidney St., turn right on to West Moira, Turn right on to Pinnacle, turn right onto Front St., then either to Meyers Pier or back to Fairgrounds. I believe that was the old route for many years.

    Parade weekend was great as a child! You were always guaranteed to have a ton of snow.

We would get bundled up in our snowsuits, pack into the car, and head out for 9:30 am. The parade would start around 10:30 am. It was a great anticipation to see some of your favourite floats: The Shriners Camel Herder's, Blinky the Police Car, The Vintage Fire Engines, The Flinstones Car with Fred and Wilma, The Upside-down clowns and the Foster Clown Troupe with all the crazy bikes, go carts, and train...just a lot of fun.

    There were candy canes and holiday treats handed out by the parade participants as they passed by the big crowds. The Canadian Postal carriers would collect letters to Santa from the kids along the parade route. Then the big moment all his glory...there he sized...SANTA CLAUS !! The crowds would all head into the downtown stores to grab hot chocolate or something warm.

     It was time to head to the Quinte Mall to see Santa Claus arrive in a helicopter !! What a sight. Then indoors to see Bruce The Moose and wait in line to tell Santa what you would like for Christmas. You leave happy that you talked to the man himself, had a pair of Bruce The Moose antlers, a colouring book and yet another candy cane. Just enough time to rush home and catch the Eaton's Santa Claus Parade on television.

What more could a kid ask for ??

 As the years went by, everything had to be re-vamped.There were problems with turns, electrical wires, etc. and the route changed many times. Then the parade was re-launched to a lighted offering at night. I, myself, liked the old parade, in the daytime, and later in November. You lose a bit of the magic, when all you hear is generators running. It is much colder at night, not really made for younger kids who get cold fast and up past their bed time. Today's parade isn't as long and the floats aren't anything like they used to be.

As I said earlier, I'm a sucker for the original.

santa claus parade a.png
santa clause parade g.jpg

Picture of The Foster Clown Troupe (left) and an old car in the 1978

Belleville Santa Claus Parade.

Pictures From Hastings County Archives

santa clause parade e.jpg
santa clause parade b.jpg

Picture of The Flinstone's Car with Fred & Wilma (left) and a Vintage Fire Engine in the 1978

Belleville Santa Claus Parade.

Pictures From Hastings County Archives

santa clause parade c.jpg

Do you remember this Train Engine in many parade's as a child?

From the 1978 Belleville Santa Claus Parade

Pictures From Hastings County Archives

santa clause parade d.jpg

Picture of a float from the Belleville O.P.P. in the 1978

Belleville Santa Claus Parade.

Pictures From Hastings County Archives

santa clause parade f.jpg

Picture of the float The Night Before Christmas in the 1978

Belleville Santa Claus Parade.

Pictures From Hastings County Archives

Classic Christmas Commercials

The Joy of 70's and 80's Christmas Commercials.

Written by: Johnathon Boyd

    I remember as a child of the 70's and 80's being bombarded with Christmas Commercials! The difference is, back then the commercials didn't start right after thanksgiving!! it was exciting to see all the new things that were coming out for kids in the 70's and 80's. There were: commodore 64/ Radio Shack TRS 80 Home computer systems, Atari / nintendo / Playstation video game systems, microwave ovens, Cabbage patch kids, Teddy Ruxpin, Masters Of The Universe / G.I. Joe / Voltron / TMNT / WWE Action Figures, Race car / Hot Wheels stunt / Train tracks, Smash Up Derby cars, Electronic Quarterback / Speak & Spell / Merlin / Simon.....the Joy and wonder was astounding !!

    the 70's and 80's launched the electronics and video game revolution. A simpler time when it was great to be a child. The best toys, new technology, and great Christmas advertising campaigns...some of which are still being used today! Here are a few of my favourite and most recognized Christmas Commercials from when I was a child.

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

Bright blessings!

Here are the times to fast forward to for great commercial memories: 0:00, 0:18, 0:47, 2:16, 4:39, 7:10, 7:40, 9:27, 10:54, 12:59, 17:01, 20:02, 20:32, 27:29, 31:39, 32:45, 33:15, 36:30, 37:42, 41:51, 43:49, 44:18 and 45:40. There are other commercials , Christmas Cartoon ads and much more if you want to check out the whole video! The great fun is seeing all the old clothes, hairstyles, and prices for things back then.

Here are the times to fast forward to for great commercial memories: 0:00, 1:31, 2:00, 5:19, 5:49, 6:50, 7:19, 8:58, 11:50, 12:05, 14:05, 16:50, 17:48, 18:08, 18:38, 22:15, 26:40, 28:09, 30:38, 32:58, 38:48, 43:55 and 45:10. There are other commercials , Christmas Cartoon ads and much more if you want to check out the whole video! The great fun is seeing all the old clothes, hairstyles, and prices for things back then.

One of my favourite classic Christmas commercials,

The Great House of Guitars and Armand the Blue-Nosed Guitarman


Holiday Movies & Christmas Specials:

Classics, Cartoons, & Common Ground.

Written by: Johnathon Boyd

The Holiday Season is in overdrive. It is time for the yearly parade of our favourite

HoLIDAY MOVIES & CHRISTMAS Specials!! "I have been on this planet, for

53 Years NowI must find some JOY in Christmas..But How??"

For me, it is through re-watching The Holiday Classics! My JOY during the "SEASON",

as I relive the simpler times of my childhood, and the magic and wonder of Christmas.

When the snow was blowing fierce outside, there was A Charlie Brown Christmas,

How The Grich Stole Christmas, Frosty The Snowman, Rudolph The Red-Nosed

Reindeer, A Christmas Story, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and many

more as the weeks rolled by.

     So many of the Classics, we have come to love every year,

have a category of their own! I talking about the Rankin/Bass Collection. Some you

are familiar with, and some you have forgotten about due to not being played for

more that 25 years. Long gone are the days in the 70's and 80's with the Christmas

Special All-Day Marathons!! They ran, the week before Christmas, Christmas Eve

Day, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. All Un-Edited for time, Commercial Free and

ran Back to Back starting at 5:00 AM to 9:00PM yearly. What a great time to be a child!

Over the years, HoLIDAY MOVIES & CHRISTMAS Specials have taken a hit on

the Broadcasting Schedule. Many on the list below have been lost to time, never to be

played again. The Great News is that most have been restored and put out on Blu-Ray

and Digital Copies to survive for generations to come!

Most Christmas Fanatics start their yearly countdown of watching their favourite

HoLIDAY MOVIES & CHRISTMAS Specials on December 1st and culminating

with a marathon of THE BEST on Christmas Eve! Everyone has their favourites

Below are 108 of my picks (no specific ranking) for the Best HoLIDAY MOVIES & CHRISTMAS Specials. Some have spawned franchises, prequels, numerous

sequels, re-boots, comics/books, mass merchandising, spin-offs, etc.

You may agree or not, it is all up to personal choice.

Bright Blessings to you and your family.

Images By:





The Rankin/Bass Collection







The Magic and Wonder of Christmas Past, Brings Out Children Young and Old.

Written by: Johnathon Boyd

There are few things left that remind me of more innocent days as a child during the Christmas season. Most of my favourite Christmas cartoons/specials have been lost or threatened to be banned from television . The Christmas rush starts earlier every year. That reminded me of some things I still enjoy about the season. One of the most important was

my love of Christmas lights.

    Before there was ever a Christmas Vacation movie and the Griswold House, our home 

was way worse. I went crazy as a child. I had lights in every window, outside on the whole trim of the house, in every tree, around the T.V. antenna...You knew where we lived by the glow that emanated from our place three blocks away. There was probably about 500 multi-coloured lights on our Christmas Tree.

This year with Covid-19, the holidays are going to be difficult for everyone. This made me recall a tragic event that lead to a tradition for 61 years in Belleville, which has grown to become a labor of love. The difficulty faced and then memorialized as a Celebration of Life. Before T.V. shows like The Great Christmas Light Fight, computerized LED lights, holograms and all the new inflatable/wire framed displays, there was a Magician named Don Foster. 

Don Foster was a native to Belleville with his wife Rita and son Billy. He was a former RCAF pilot, an engineer with the railway, made incredible costumes and contraptions with Rita, collected  historical memorabilia, took part in parades and making floats, and was a city councilor in the late 70's/early 80's. Above all this, the Fosters are known for their incredible Christmas light display that started on December 1,1960.

With snow falling on a cold Christmas Eve in 1958, Billy Foster and Art "Sonny" Culloden were victims of a tragic car accident. The only son of Don and Rita Foster, they did not let their grief hinder the memory of their loss. The first year was tough, but Don dressed up in a Santa suit and spent until 11:30 p.m. visiting with the neighborhood children. The very next year, the Fosters decorated their house on Emily Street in Belleville as a Celebration of Life of Billy and the Christmas Season. 

Don was a wizard when it came to his incredible moving displays. He used washing machine parts, belts, pulleys and all matter of gizmos to make his magical contraptions. That first year they had over 500 people stop to see the display. Children and adults would delight at the sound of hearing Santa talking to them over a speaker system. Don would climb the ladder

to the roof in a Santa costume and wave to the crowd.

 Over the years, Don would add more to the display as it filled the little space on Emily Street. Popularity grew within the city and outlying areas as word spread of the Fosters light display. Members of the Foster and Culloden family would dress up as elves, Santa and Mrs. Claus and hand out candy canes to the massive line up of cars. I remember that if you came by on Christmas Eve between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m., you could meet Santa!!

This all changed in 1981 when Don Foster fell ill. Knowing how much the city embraced the yearly display, the Fosters handed it to friends Bruce and Marjorie Nickle. The Nickle's carried on the tradition at their house on Marsh Drive until Bruce fell ill. In 1994 the city took over the Billy Foster Christmas Light Display and it was relocated to the site of the Tom Gavey Alemite Ball Park on Pine Street. 

While at the location on Pine Street, an incident happened that lead to most of the original display being broken or in disrepair. The display was then repaired and taken over by The Belleville Professional Firefighters Association. Over the years, The Billy Foster Christmas Light Display fell into darkness, trying to find a safe home. Through the incredible efforts of local businesses/charities, donations, fund raisers, volunteers, city council members and members of the Culloden family, the Billy Foster Christmas Light Display was re-lit again on Nov. 15, 2013. Since that time, new light displays have been added by the city of Belleville.

This year, Belleville has embraced the Christmas spirit even with the Covid regulations. The Belleville Festival of Lights is a celebration of the season with over 5 km of light and music displays. The highlight for the 63rd year, is the Billy Foster Christmas Light Display. There is also the Home for The Holidays Decorating Contest. This season is truly one of light, joy, peace, magic, hope and wonder.

"In keeping with the situation", I have been fortunate to have held on to a treasure near and dear to my heart since 1985. They are the last pictures I have of the whole ORIGINAL Billy Foster Christmas Light Display. I took these pictures when I was 15 years old and the display was at Bruce and Marjorie Nickle's home on Marsh Drive. For the first time, the Billy Foster Christmas Light Display, from homes over the years.

Bright Blessings and may the light and joy of the holiday season

be experienced through your inner child once more.


Pictures from Belleville Intelligencer September 22, 2002 edition. Notice in the picture of the Foster home: The sleigh and moving reindeer on the roof, the Santa Claus on the chimney, and some lights and reindeer cut outs. Over the years, sound and music was added, metal candy canes were hung in the branches of the tree, mushroom houses and elves were placed on the ground and metal awnings over porch and window, Snow White and Seven Dwarves lawn ornaments donned the ground,  a mechanized elf would crack the reigns of a flying reindeer, Bell lights marked off the display and more was added when the display was moved to the Nickle's home.  


Metal Candy Canes that used to Hang in the tree branches out front of Foster home

on Emily Street.

Pictures Copyright Metaphysical Mojo 2023


Picture of ORIGINAL Rudolph 1985 (left) and today. Notice all the elves and gnomes on the ground behind Rudolph in 1985 photo. They are the ones located by Mushroom Houses and on metal awnings at the Foster home on Emily Street. They are not around anymore.

Pictures Copyright Metaphysical Mojo 2023

Bells and sleigh.jpg

Picture of Santa, Sleigh and moving reindeer 1985 (left) and today. Notice the ORIGINAL sign in the 1985 photo. The sleigh and moving reindeer were on the roof and Santa on the chimney at Foster home on Emily Street. The original signs are long lost. 

Pictures Copyright Metaphysical Mojo 2023


Picture of the ORIGINAL Santa's Workshop 1985 (left) and today. Notice the ORIGINAL sign in the 1985 photo. The bells, rope/bar motion mechanism, and paint job were all refurbished since it's creation at Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf

for the Foster home on Emily Street. The original design is here again. 

Pictures Copyright Metaphysical Mojo 2023


Picture of the ORIGINAL Nativity figures and creche 1985 (left) and today. The ORIGINAL Bell Lights and Candles in the 2020 photo (right), are still brilliant . The Bell Lights used to mark the barriers of the display at the Foster home on Emily Street. The original lighted figures and creche had to be replaced. 

Pictures Copyright Metaphysical Mojo 2023


Picture of ORIGINAL book 1985 (left) and today. Notice the ORIGINAL plastic elves in front of the book in the 1985 photo. These elves were the ones on the metal awnings at the Foster home on Emily Street and are gone now. The Nickle's book was updated. 

Pictures Copyright Metaphysical Mojo 2023


Picture of ORIGINAL Angel Choir and Church lighted figures 1985 (left) and One of three left to survive ORIGINAL Mushroom House now. The other two Mushroom Houses were painted white with red polka dots and red with white polka dots. All items in above pictures have been refurbished. The elves and gnomes are gone now, but were on the ground around the three Mushroom Houses at the Foster home on Emily Street.  

Pictures Copyright Metaphysical Mojo 2023


Picture of ORIGINAL Snow White and the Seven Dwarves lawn ornaments and a mechanized elf in the sleigh in background would crack the reigns of a flying reindeer in 1985. All the lawn ornaments and mechanized sleigh adorned the ground at the Foster home on Emily Street. Everything in these pictures but the lighted snowman, are gone. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves have been replaced by the Peanuts gang today.

Pictures Copyright Metaphysical Mojo 2023


Picture of ORIGINAL elf in motorized helicopter in 1985 . This was a great addition. The lights on the cockpit and propeller would blink and the propeller would rotate. I'm not certain if this was ever at the Foster home on Emily Street. The helicopter is also a lost item. 

Pictures Copyright Metaphysical Mojo 2023


Picture of ORIGINAL signs 1985 (left) and today. Notice the ORIGINAL signs in the 1985 photo. These were posted on the lawn at Foster home on Emily Street.

The original signs live again. 

Pictures Copyright Metaphysical Mojo 2023

YULE : The Origin's
of "Christmas"

YULE: The Origin's Of "Christmas".

Written by: Johnathon Boyd

     Happy Blessed Yule to all my Wiccan and Pagan friends. What is Yule ?? It is the origin of everything to do with today's Christmas decorations, symbols, and traditions. It has all gotten mixed up, bastardized, and commercialized to be something unrecognizable to its Pagan roots. Let me give you a brief history on how everything started.

    The Ancient Egyptians were the first people to celebrate the roots of the holiday. They would decorate the walls of pyramids and temples with evergreen boughs. This was the height of Solar Festivals, marking the rebirth of the Sun God Ra and Horus. The Egyptians believed that this would also stop the darkness of chaos from spreading over the land.

    The Celtic Druids are credited with many of the images we have in our homes. The festival of Yule marked the shortest day and longest night of the year on the Winter Solstice (Dec 20-22). The celebration would last 12 days until January 1st. It was the time to re-enact the battle between the aging Holly King (the darkness of the old year) and the young Oak King (the light of the coming year). The old king is symbolically slain and the Oak King takes his throne to rule the New Year...Sound Familiar? Celts would also choose a dried piece of oak and decorate it with ribbons, holly, and ivy. Families would light this Yule Log on Winter Solstice at 12:00:01 am and help to re-kindle the suns strength as it rose in the morning light. They would save a piece of the log to re-light next years Yule Log. Druids are also credited with Mistletoe and the myth behind it. It states that Mistletoe is supposed to possess mystical powers which bring good luck to the household and ward off evil spirits.

  Wiccans and Pagans took it one step further. Evergreens, Holly, Ivy, and Mistletoe were symbols of fertility which represented the God and Goddess. They would bring evergreen trees and boughs into the home to appease the Wood Spirits during the cold dark days of Winter. Next, it was time to decorate the tree with dried fruits, treats, and strings of berries to provide food for the Spirits. Silver and gold stars, suns, moons, and bells would hang on the tree and would ring to announce an appreciative Spirit. A Five Pointed Star or Pentacle, representing the five elements: earth, air, fire, water, and spirit, adorns the top of the tree. They would make pomander balls (oranges with whole cloves poked into them) and hang them in the house to ward off Evil Spirits. It was a time of peace, warmth, light, joy, and love. Home-made gifts, treats, and meals were shared by all in the spirit of the day.  

     The Pagans in Rome took the celebrations to new heights with the festival of Saturnalia. Dec. 25th marked the birth of the Sun God Mithras, the light of the world. The feasting, drinking, singing, and gift-giving were in abundance. The Yule Log became a symbol of Mithras. Lighted candles and more ornate decorations were added to the tree branches, and fertility rights were celebrated.

     Constantine the Emperor, A Pagan, decided to change everything in the fourth century A.D. He was the person responsible for instituting Roman Catholicism. Things needed to be re-vamped. There were problems with all the Pagan symbolism and fertility rituals. The church

was not pleased. So Constantine took it upon himself, with some "Help" from the Bishop of Rome, and instituted Christmas or Christ-Mass.

This is what happened to the above Pagan festival of Yule/Saturnalia:

- Ra/Horus/Oak King/Holly King/Mithras replaced by birth of 

Jesus Christ (Dec. 25th?? How can that be if shepherds were abiding

their flocks...wouldn't that be in March on the other side of the world??)

- Holly/Ivy now represents their green leaves to be "the crown" 

and red berries "the blood" of Jesus Christ.

- Mistletoe is now to be known for receiving a good luck kiss for the coming year.

- The Pentagram Star is now the Star of Bethlehem, signaling

the birth of the newborn King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

- Presents/Gift Giving origins now credited to the "original"

bringers of gifts, the Three Wise Men (Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh).

- Gold and Silver replaced with red and green (same as

holly and ivy colour representation above).

- The Pagan Angel on the top of the tree is to represent the

Messenger angel: "For unto you is born this day in the city of

David a Savior, who is Christ, the Lord!" 


-The Christmas Tree/Evergreen Boughs are now credited

to Martin Luther, (He was a reverend, walking through the woods on a

snowy evening, and saw the stars through the branches of a silhouetted

evergreen tree. He brought the tree into his house and put candles

on the branches to mimic stars. This was to get rid of fertility association.)

- The Yule Log credited to Scandinavians to rid Pagan association.


    Over the years, many things have changed again. The spirit of peace on earth and goodwill toward men has been lost to commercialism and greed. Being a Wiccan myself for many years now, I keep the old ways of honouring the Gods/Goddesses in my Yule celebration. Yule is still a very ancient, powerful, and joyful day for me. I do not let myself get all caught up in the stress, rush, anger, frustration, spending, and grief that has been nailed to the word Christmas. That is because I don't celebrate the modern version of Christmas...I celebrate the joyous festival of Yule. Whatever you celebrate, Kwanzaa, Hanukka (Chanukah), Yule, Christmas or any other holiday, remember where the origins started.

    Metaphysical Mojo wishes Bright Blessings to you and your family this holiday

season. May your celebrations be filled with family, friends, light,

love, abundance, joy, and laughter. 



Picture on left is comparison of Horus, Mithras and Jesus Christ.

On right is a Pagan who is celebrating the feast of St. Lucia.


Picture on left is a brief description of Yule. On right is information on Pagan origins

(once again, a five pointed star is a pentagram, the shape on the inside is a pentagon)


Picture on left of how things were changed by Constantine the Emperor.

Picture on the right is some straight up truth.

Dickens Of A Christmas

Dickens Of A Christmas, Dundas Ontario.

Written by: Johnathon Boyd

  In the town of Dundas Ontario, is a yearly festival that celebrates the spirit of Charles Dickens. Explore downtown and step back in time with Victorian Decorations, Father Christmas, Christmas Carollers, A Carousel, Sweets, Treats, Candy Cane Lane and much more!

We enjoyed our time in Dundas and shared many stories about the Christmas Tree, History of Christmas and the Origins of Santa Claus. Stepping back in time as we walked the downtown core. We met many people, pets and performers during our visit. The Spirit Of The Season shone through as we handed out candy canes. It was a great event and

everyone had a lot of fun!             

Here are some videos of "Mojo On The Road", Dickens of A Christmas 2021 in Dundas,ON! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE the video and HIT THE BELL ICON to stay up to date

on all our new videos.

 Merry Christmas and Blessed Yule to our Wiccan/Pagan Friends!

Festival Of Lights

Festival Of Lights, Burlington Ontario.

Written by: Johnathon Boyd

Merry Christmas and Blessed Yule To our Wiccan/Pagan Friends!🎄🎇

    We visited the Festival Of Lights 2021 event, Celebrating 26 Years of Holiday Magic!

"The Festival of Lights illuminates Burlington’s waterfront through December to early January each year. Thousands of local residents and visitors from across the region, and beyond, have made it a seasonal tradition to wander through the park with family and friends to view the themed displays. Tens of thousands more take in the attraction while driving along Lakeshore Road at the City’s waterfront throughout the holiday season. It represents a popular annual tradition in the community. The Festival marks its 26th anniversary in 2021. Come share your holiday spirits with family and friends while strolling through the magical lighting displays this year!"

Thank you to everyone for the fun and great Displays!

Here is "Mojo On The Road", The Festival of Lights 2021 in BURLINGTON,ON!


to stay up to date on all our new videos!!

Village Square

Village Square, Burlington Ontario.

Written by: Johnathon Boyd

Merry Christmas and Blessed Yule To our Wiccan/Pagan Friends!🎄🎇

We visited the Festival Of Lights 2021 event! I took Darlene to a festive treat hidden

in downtown Burlington,ON......Village Square!

Step Back In Time as you stroll The Cobblestone Pathways. "Designed in the tradition of a turn-of-the-century town square, Village Square unites historic architecture with modern lifestyle interests and establishments. Home to a sophisticated mix of locations, Village Square has something for everyone." Thank you to everyone for the fun and great Displays!

Here is "Mojo On The Road", Village Square 2021 in BURLINGTON,ON!


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Metaphysical Mojo brings you and your family some fun for the holiday season with CHRISTMAS TRIVIA ! A friend of mine, Bobby Morris, brought over a trivia game for the holiday season that was really difficult. We decided to create our own! During the month of  December, trivia questions will be posted periodically. The answers  will be posted the next day. The questions will be split up into Six Categories: Christmas Carols, Christmas Cracker, Festive Traditions, Holiday SpecialsSanta's Secrets and Christmas Quotes. Are you a GRINCH or MASTER ELF  ??

Idea: Why not make it a game with your family this season ??

1. Copy down the categories (number them 1-6), questions, and answers on blank index cards.

2.  Place all cards in a stocking.

 3. Split up into two teams.

4. Roll the die. The number showing is the category/question you ask

5. A team member (reading) takes a turn drawing a card,

and reads question to opposing (answering) team.

6. Team can work together to answer question.

7. If team answers correctly, they get point and finish category of question answered.

8. Once turn is finished, a team member (just read question) rolls the die.

9. A team member (just answered question) takes a turn

drawing a card, and reads question to opposing team (answering).

10. The game continues until one team completes all answers for all categories.

Option: Set a 30 second time limit on answering questions.

Round One.

Christmas Carols

1. The gentleman who sang the song  "You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch", from the

1966 animated special, also voiced a popular breakfast cereal icon. Name the icon.

A: Tony the Tiger (Thurl Ravenscroft)

2. How many gifts would you have if you accepted every present

from the Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas?

A: 364

3. What is the biggest selling Christmas song of all time?

A: White Christmas

4. What did Santa's sleigh have for a wheel in Little Saint Nick?

A: A Ski

5. Who sang It's A Marshmallow World?

A: Dean Martin

Christmas Cracker

1. Which member of The Eurythmics was born on Christmas Day, 1954?

A: Annie Lennox

2. Who said: "Mail your packages early so the post office can lose them in time for Christmas."

A: Johnny Carson

3. What is the population of Christmas, Florida?

Is It 1,162, 11,620 or 116,200 People?

A: 1,162 People

4. What is the average number of gifts an adult male receives for Christmas?

A: Six

5. Does UPS deliver on Christmas Eve?

A: Yes

Festive Traditions

1. What is the weight of the biggest turkey on record?

A: 86 Pounds!!

2. When were pre-wired electric Christmas tree lights first

available to the public?

In 1902, 1903, or 1904?

A: In 1903

3. How much did it cost to decorate a Christmas tree with electric

lights at the end of the 19th century?

A: $300 (about $2,000 today)

4. What seafood is considered a Christmas favourite in Paris, France?

A: Oysters

5. In years gone by, where was it customary to "fish for the church"

over the Christmas holidays?

A: Newfoundland, Canada

 Holiday Specials

1. Who raised Santa Claus in the 1985 stop motion animated feature

The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus?

A: A Lioness (Sheiagra) and a Fairy (Necile)

2. What did Yukon Cornelius find in the last scene of the animated classic

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer?

A: A Peppermint Mine

3. Who was the voice of Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

A: Chris Sarandon

4. What 1994 movie gave us the tagline: "This Christmas, the snow hits the fan."? 

A: The Santa Clause

5. What Christmas special was nominated for an outstanding animated program Emmy in 1990?

A: The Simpsons Christmas Special

 Santa's Secrets

1. Does Rudolph have antlers?

A: Yes

2. On average, how many Canadian homes have Christmas trees?

Is it 1, 2, or 3 Million Homes?

A: 3 Million Homes

3. What Roman/Pagan holiday does the Christmas tree trace it's roots from?

A: Saturnailia

4. How does Santa say Merry Christmas in France?

A: Joyeux Noel

5. How tall are full-grown Reindeer?

A: 3 and 1/2 feet tall

Christmas Quotes

( From Holiday Movies and Specials)

1. "If I could work my will, Every Idiot that goes about with Merry Christmas on

his lips should be boiled with his own pudding and buried with

a stake of holly through his heart !!"

A: A Christmas Carol

2. "Yeah, Fried Pussy Cat!! If that thing had nine lives, she just spent’em all."

A: National Lampoons : Christmas Vacation

3. "Whiskers out!! The cold air makes them grow."

A: A Miracle on 34th Street

4. "My finger's in your mouth kitty, but I don't feel no teeth."

A: 8 Crazy Nights

5. "Your name is Thurman Merman??"

A: Bad Santa

Round Two.

Christmas Carols

1. In the song  "You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch", from the 1966 animated special,

what three words best describe the Grinch?

A: Stink, Stank, Stunk !

2. What Christmas parody classic talks about an unfortunate accident that happens to an

octogenarian on Dec. 24th?

A: Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer !

3. What Christmas song was made big by British music artist's in November 1984?

A: Do They Know It's Christmas 

4. Who's Christmas Special includes the Christmas carol Jingle Bombs?

A: Jeff Dunham

5. What famous singer sang The Twelve Days of Christmas with The Muppets?

A: John Denver

Christmas Cracker

1. What is December 23rd  now officially recognized as?

A: Festivus!

2. Who wrote the line: "I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year."?

A: Charles Dickens 

3. What infamous event occurred Dec. 24th,1965?

A: The Ku Klux Klan was formed in Pulanski, Tn.

4. What is the common gift people receive the most for Christmas?

A: Socks and pajamas

5. What year did Operation Red Nose start ? 

In 1982, 1984, or 1986?

A: In 1984

Festive Traditions

1. Who started the tradition of hanging mistletoe in their homes as a fertility

ritual over 2,000 years ago?

A: The Celts

2.  A holiday superstition states that if you place a fruitcake under your pillow 

you will dream of whom?

A: The person you are going to marry

3. When did the telling of Ghost Stories at Christmas become a tradition?

A: During the Ancient Pagan Festival Yule over 2,000 years ago

4. What are the average sales of cranberries yearly?

Is it 1.25, 1.45 or 1.65 Billon Dollars?

A: It is 1.25 Billion Dollars

5. What special food is left out for " Anticipated Night Visitors" every Christmas Eve?

A: Milk and cookies and carrots

 Holiday Specials

1. What was the rabbit's name in the animated classic Frosty The Snowman?

A: Hocus Pocus

2. What were the names of the two feuding immortal brothers in the Rankin/Bass animated

Christmas special The Year Without A Santa Claus?

A: The Miser Brothers: Heat Miser and Snow Miser

3. Who was sent to kidnap the Sandy Claws in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

A: Lock, Shock, and Barrel

4. What did George dream of becoming in the movie It's A Wonderful Life

A: An Engineer/Architect

5. What 1977 Christmas special had the character Mr. Tyrone wanting to tear

down a clubhouse on Christmas Eve?

A: The Fat Albert Christmas Special

 Santa's Secrets

1. What colour is Santa's suit in Russia?

A: Blue

2. What is Santa's name in England?

A: Father Christmas

3. What did the Pilgrims decorate instead of Christmas trees?

A: Wooden pyramids adorned with evergreen boughs

4. How does Santa say Merry Christmas in Spanish?

A: Feliz Navidad

5. What is the main ingredient in Gingerbread cookies?

A: Flour

 Christmas Quotes

( From Holiday Movies and Specials)

1. "What's wrong...did you forget to pack your snood ??"

A: White Christmas

2. "I got a hot little puppy in the fourth race."

A: The Simpsons Christmas Special

3. "Was always kinda partial to Roy Rogers actually.

I really like those sequined shirts."

A: Die Hard

4. "You can keep your Channel Number 5, just give me a whiff of the old lonesome pine;

that symbol of brotherly love, That centrepiece that all mankind gathers around....

to share the cranberry sauce shaped like a can."

A: Ernest Saves Christmas

5. "Oh Yeah, I Triple Dog Dare Ya!!"

A: A Christmas Story

Round Three.

Christmas Carols

1. What singer "wants to wish you a Merry Christmas,

from the bottom of my heart"?

A: Jose Feliciano

2. Who sang Holly Jolly Christmas in the animated classic

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

A: Burl Ives

3. Who had a hit with the song Christmas In Killarney?

A: Dennis Day

4. Who  teamed up with David Bowie for the Christmas classic 

Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth?

A: Bing Crosby

5. What famous Canadian Comedy duo sang The Twelve Days of Christmas?

A: Bob & Doug McKenzie

Christmas Cracker

1. What was the prize you would receive in a Victorian Christmas Cracker?

A: A Sugared Almond

2. Name the biggest selling toy for Christmas 1983?

 A: A Cabbage Patch Doll

3. What is the custom of choosing names from a hat, and buying a present for them?

A: Secret Santa

4. What bumpy, green ornament if found will get you a bonus Christmas present?

A: The Christmas Pickle

5. Who wanted a turkey not the bald eagle to be the symbol of America?

A: Benjamin Franklin

Festive Traditions

1. What are the colour of the candles on an Advent wreath?

A: Pink and Purple

2.  Where does the poinsettia originally come from?

A: Mexico

3. How much turkey does the average Canadian consume yearly?

Is It 14, 15, or 16 Pounds?

A: 14 Pounds

4. What is the name given to the singing of Christmas Carols, door to door for libations?

A: Wassailing

5. What three deboned birds, put together, make up a new Christmas main course?

A: Turkey, Duck and Chicken or Turducken

 Holiday Specials

1. Who played Susan in the original  AMiracle on 34th Street?

A: Natalie Wood

2. Name the Hollywood Icon who was the narrator of the Rankin/Bass animated

Christmas special  Santa Claus Is Coming To Town?

A: Fred Astaire

3. What did they use to cut the jail cell bars in The Santa Clause?

A: Tinsel

4. How many spirits were in Charles Dickens  A Christmas Carol

A: 4 ( Jacob Marley, and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet To Come)

5. What story did John and Doc Boys' father read to them on Christmas Eve

in A Garfield Christmas Special?

A: Binky, The Clown Who Saved Christmas

 Santa's Secrets

1. Name the company of the biggest selling Christmas advertising campaign on

record to use Santa as their poster boy?

A: Coca-Cola

2. What is Santa's name in Italy?

A: Babbo Natale

3. In a survey of Canadian Mall Santa's, what was their favourite Christmas song?

A: Here Comes Santa Claus

4. How does Santa say Merry Christmas in Hawaiian?

A: Mele Kalikimaka

5. What two states have a town named Santa Claus?

A: Arizona and Indiana

Christmas Quotes

( From Holiday Movies and Specials)

1. "Easy now hothead. mother always warned you about that

 low boiling point of yours."

A: The Year Without A Santa Claus

2. "BUNNY !!!"

A: The Nightmare Before Christmas

3. "Oh, the silent majesty of a winter's morn, the clean, cool chill of the holiday air,

and an a#%hole in his bathrobe, emptying a chemical toilet into my sewer." 

A: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

4. "I've killed It. Oh..everything I touch gets ruined!!"

A: A Charlie Brown Christmas

5. "I'm not fat! I'm festively plump"

A: Christmas In South Park

Round Four.

Christmas Carols

1. What Christmas carol includes the lyrics, "Tap, tap tappin' at your windowpane"?

A: "Here Comes Suzy Snowflake"

2. Who kept time with  The Little Drummer Boy?

A: The Ox and Lamb

3. Who wrote the song White Christmas?

A: Irving Berlin

4. Who  had a hit with the Christmas classic Run, Run, Rudolph?

A: Chuck Berry

5. What do the first seven gifts in  The Twelve Days of Christmas have in common?

A: Six are all types of birds

Christmas Cracker

1. Who invented the Christmas Cracker?

A: Tom Smith

2. What is the most popular boys Christmas toy of all time?

 A: Lego

3. What year did The Firefighters Toy Drive start?

In 1992, 1994, or 1996?

A: In 1996

4. According to the Bible, how many Wise Men were there?

A: They do not say

5. What is the name of the girl in The Nutcracker?

A: Clara

Festive Traditions

1. What  country considers the turkey a sacrificial bird?

A: Mexico

2.  What year were "twinkling lights" first invented?

In 1945, 1955, 1965?

A: In 1955

3. How many feathers does a male turkey have?

Is It 1,500, 2,500, or 3,500 Feathers?

A: 3,500 Feathers

4. A Christmas superstition foretells,

if unwed women eat a gingerbread man, this will happen?

A: They will meet  their potential husband

5. What are the three main ingredients in Eggnogg?

A: Milk, eggs, and sugar

 Holiday Specials

1. Who played Myron Larabee in Jingle All The Way?

A: Sinbad

2. What was Dudley Moore's characters name in Santa Claus The Movie?

A: Patch

3. Who saves Christmas in A South Park Christmas?

A: Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo

4. How many lines does Minnie Mouse have in Mickey's Christmas Carol

A: None

5. Name the actors Dennis Leary kidnaps on Christmas Eve in The Ref ?

A: Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis

 Santa's Secrets

1. Name the company who's Christmas commercial had Santa riding an electric razor?

A: Norelco

2. What did children in Italy leave for Santa to fill with gifts in olden times?

A: Shoes

3. In a survey of Canadian Mall Santa's, what is Santa's average height?

A: 5 foot 10 inches

4. How many Christmas trees are planted in Canada annually?

A: 3 to 6 million

5. How many churches in Holland are named St. Nicholas?

It it 24, 25 or 26 Churches?

A: 24 Churches

Christmas Quotes

( From Holiday Movies and Specials)

1. "I'm taking it home to my Workshop my dear, I'll fix it up there,

and I'll bring it back here"

A: How The Grinch Stole Christmas

2. "I know, I'll call you Topper"

A: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

3. "You see, before he came down here, it never snowed. And afterwards, it did. If he

weren't up there now... I don't think it would be snowing. Sometimes you

can still catch me dancing in it."

A: Edward Scissorhands

4. "I'm Santa claus...Dumbass!!"

A: That 70's Show Christmas Special

5. "Well there's Jet, but he's still a baby. "

A: The Santa Clause 2

Round Five.

Christmas Carols

1. Who first recorded the song Here Comes Santa Claus?

A: Gene Autry

2. Name the Christmas classic that had Snoopy meet the Red Baron again?

A: Snoopy's Christmas

3. In the song Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, what did grandma leave to get?

A: Medication

4. Who had a hit with the Christmas classic Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree?

A: Brenda Lee

5. What is the name of the waltz in The Nutcracker?

A: Waltz Of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Christmas Cracker

1. What Christmas novel has the characters The Herdmans?

A: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

2. What is the most popular girls Christmas toy of all time?

A: Barbie Doll 

3. Name the charity that started Christmas Seals?

A: The Lung Association

4. How long has the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle

program been running?

Is It 119, 129, or 139 Years?

A: 129 Years

5. Dr. Seuss wrote How The Grinch Stole Christmas, but what was his real name?

A: Theodor Geisel

Festive Traditions

1. What is the most popular item to put on top of a Christmas Tree?

An Angel, Star, or Family Heirloom/Vintage Ornament?

A: Angel

2.  What do South African's decorate with cotton, wood,

and tinsle at Christmas time?

A: Their Windows

3. Who brought the holiday treat's of Christmas cookies and

gingerbread houses to Canadians in the 1700's?

A: German Settlers

4. A Christmas tradition involving breaking a turkey wishbone,

will give the winner what prize ?

A: Their Wish Granted

5. Name the main spice used in stuffing?

A: Poultry Seasoning

 Holiday Specials

1. Is Peppermint Patty in the holiday animated classic  A Charlie Brown Christmas?

A: No

2. Name the Canadian Icon who played Jack Frost in The Santa Clause 3?

A: Martin Short

3. Who gives Pluto a hard time in Disney's cartoon Pluto's Christmas Tree?

A: Chip & Dale

4. What is the name of the beloved American actor

who narrated  Frosty's Winter Wonderland

A: Andy Griffith

5. Who provided the voice of Pardon-Me Pete in the Rankin/Bass

animated Christmas special Jack Frost?

A: Buddy Hackett

 Santa's Secrets

1. Name the company who's Christmas commercial

had Santa saying the line,"They DO exsist !"?

A: M & M's

2. What is Santa's name in Denmark?

A: Sinter Klaas

3. What is Santa Claus address according to Canada Post?

A: North Pole, Canada, HOH OHO

4. Who was the Saturday Evening Post artist that captured

the magic and whimsy of Santa Claus in his artwork?

A: Norman Rockwell

5. How many reindeer does Santa have?

A: 9 (Did you forget Rudolph ?)

Christmas Quotes

( From Holiday Movies and Specials)

1. "Duh, don't forget the chocolate pot roast with dismenshio... No, it's pismechio...

No, it's disminglishmaguh... Duh... with yogurt."

A: Mickey's Christmas Carol

2. "Hey! You'll get Frostbitten that way!"

A: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

3. "And so, I put the magic eggs into my hat. Abracadabra,

to coin a phrase. And voila, the eggs have

turned into...Messy, Messy, Messy!" 

A: Frosty The Snowman

4. "Listen. Santa can't drink no more milk. Santa has a lactose intolerance, and it gives

him horrible gas pains. Do you want to see Santa farting down everybody's chimney?"

A: The Ref

5. "Look at us...We kind of look like uncooked chicken."

A: Christmas With The Krank's

Round Six.

Christmas Carols

1. Who had a monster hit in 1957 with the song Blue Christmas?

A: Elvis Presley

2. What year was the Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) released?

Was It In 1958, 1959, or 1960?

A: In 1958

3. Who was the the mellow voiced singer that had

a hit with Home For The Holidays?

A: Perry Como

4. Bing Crosby had a hit with White Christmas, what was his other hit?

A: Silent Night

5. Name the composer of  The Nutcracker Suite?

A: Tchaikovsky

Christmas Cracker

1. What holiday image is printed on the 2020 Tim Hortons Christmas Cups?

A: Christmas Decorations

2. Who replaced a snowmans nose with a stick of dynamite in a

popular 1980's sketch comedy show?

A: Fire Marshall Bill Burns

3. Name he advertising giant that had a popular Christmas campaign

with the song I'd Like To Teach The World?

A: Coca-Cola

4. What was the biggest selling toy for Christmas 1990?

A: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

5. On average, what is the most popular stocking stuffer in Canada?

A:  An Orange (or piece of fruit to fill the toe)

Festive Traditions

1. What is the proper name given to a male turkey?

A: Tom

2.  In the six weeks leading up to Christmas time, how much

are Poinsettia sales worth?

Is It 40, 60 or 80 Million Dollars?

A: 80 Million Dollars
3. What Christmas television special aired in 1965 and has so yearly ever since?

A: A Charlie Brown Christmas

4. Which direction should a Christmas pudding be stirred

to ensure good luck for the coming year?

A: Clockwise

5. Name the main ingredients in Figgy Pudding?

A: Raisins and Figs

 Holiday Specials

1. Is Peppermint Patty in the holiday animated classic A Charlie Brown Christmas?

A: No

2. Name the actor who played Jack Frost in the movie Jack Frost?

A: Michael Keaton

3. Who gives Donald Duck a hard time in Disney's cartoon Donald's Snow Fight?

A: Huey, Dewey, and Louie

4. What is the name of the beloved American actor

who narrated  Frosty The Snowman

A: Jimmy Durante

5. Who provided the voice of Santa Claus in most of the Rankin/Bass

animated Christmas special's?

A: Mickey Rooney

 Santa's Secrets

1. How old was the bishop Saint Nicholas, who Santa Claus was

derived from, when he died?

A: 63 Years Old

2. Name the Candian province who is the world leader in Christmas tree exports?

A: Nova Scotia

3. In a survey of Canadian Mall Santa's, what is Santa's average age?

A: 50 Years Old

4. Name the editor that penned the famous letter,

 Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus?

A: Francis Pharcellus Church

5. How many antlers does a reindeer have?

A: Nine

Christmas Quotes

( From Holiday Movies and Specials)

1. " I hate toys! And toys hate me! Either they are going or I am going!

And I am certainly not going, Grimsley."

A: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

2. "In all this world there is nothing so beautiful as a happy child."