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The Spirit of
Christmas Past

Metaphysical Mojo is pleased to present, Our FOURTH YEAR of

 The Spirit of Christmas Pas. During the months of  November and December, we will be sharing local stories, recipes, Christmas crafts, games, Christmas trivia and much more. We encourage all to share this page with others so they can experience the magic, wonder, and childhood memories of the holiday season.

Bright Blessings to you and your family.

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Bruce the Moose

Bruce the Moose: A Canadian Icon Disappears.

Written by: Johnathon Boyd

    It was a sad day in December 1984. A Canadian Icon in most malls and shopping centers disappeared without a goodbye. I used to live for christmas and running to the Quinte mall to see...Bruce the moose!!  He was MASSIVE. it is a happy memory of the first time years ago that i came to know bruce the moose. I had never seen anything like that. A twenty foot tall moose, that moved and sang to music. it was loud when things clicked and moved, but what a sight!


    I remember that the show would last about twenty minutes. bruce would come to life, tap his hoof, play a piano, sing, blink his eyes, move his eye-brows and turn his head. during the show, bruce would be joined by his friend Chestnut, a Squirrel that lived in a log in the scenery. They would sing a song and finish the performance together.

    The show centered around the true meaning of Christmas and to be caring, sharing and loving to your family. There were three songs, only two i can remember: (Guess Who) it's bruce the moose and That's christmas,C-H-r-i-S-T-M-A-S! Every child who sat on Santa's knee, would get a set of bruce the Moose moose Antlers, a bruce the moose colouring book, and a candy cane.

      around December 1984....Bruce the moose was no more. I felt like a piece of my childhood was ripped away. i was hoping he would return someday...and that dream is still alive. i stay positive that he is stored away, under a dusty tarp, in a warehouse in belleville, ontario...waiting to be rescued. BRING BACK BRUCE THE MOOSE !!

    Thank you to The simpson blog, for the use of pictures.

for more information on bruce the Moose, please click Here.

Bright blessings


Bruce the Moose from various malls across ontario. the one at the Quinte mall in Belleville, Ontario looked Like the Bruce from picture three, with the piano from picture 1.



The Belleville Santa Claus Parade, No Replacement For The Original.

Written by: Johnathon Boyd

     I am a sucker for the original. If it isn't broken don't try to improve or fix it. I was happy as a child in the 1970's to stand outside and watch a Parade, not a loud bunch of music to cover the generators, on a cold night in November. Give me the ORIGINAL Belleville Santa Claus Parade !! You remember the old parades through downtown, great floats, lots of bands from all over Ontario, and it was during the daytime. It was always the last Saturday in November and usually the same day as the Eaton's Santa Claus Parade in Toronto. The old parade route would start at the Fairgrounds, go north on Sidney St., turn right on to West Moira, Turn right on to Pinnacle, turn right onto Front St., then either to Meyers Pier or back to Fairgrounds. I believe that was the old route for many years.

    Parade weekend was great as a child! You were always guaranteed to have a ton of snow.

We would get bundled up in our snowsuits, pack into the car, and head out for 9:30 am. The parade would start around 10:30 am. It was a great anticipation to see some of your favourite floats: The Shriners Camel Herder's, Blinky the Police Car, The Vintage Fire Engines, The Flinstones Car with Fred and Wilma, The Upside-down clowns and the Foster Clown Troupe with all the crazy bikes, go carts, and train...just a lot of fun.

    There were candy canes and holiday treats handed out by the parade participants as they passed by the big crowds. The Canadian Postal carriers would collect letters to Santa from the kids along the parade route. Then the big moment all his glory...there he sized...SANTA CLAUS !! The crowds would all head into the downtown stores to grab hot chocolate or something warm.

     It was time to head to the Quinte Mall to see Santa Claus arrive in a helicopter !! What a sight. Then indoors to see Bruce The Moose and wait in line to tell Santa what you would like for Christmas. You leave happy that you talked to the man himself, had a pair of Bruce The Moose antlers, a colouring book and yet another candy cane. Just enough time to rush home and catch the Eaton's Santa Claus Parade on television.

What more could a kid ask for ??

 As the years went by, everything had to be re-vamped.There were problems with turns, electrical wires, etc. and the route changed many times. Then the parade was re-launched to a lighted offering at night. I, myself, liked the old parade, in the daytime, and later in November. You lose a bit of the magic, when all you hear is generators running. It is much colder at night, not really made for younger kids who get cold fast and up past their bed time. Today's parade isn't as long and the floats aren't anything like they used to be.

As I said earlier, I'm a sucker for the original.

santa claus parade a.png
santa clause parade g.jpg

Picture of The Foster Clown Troupe (left) and an old car in the 1978

Belleville Santa Claus Parade.

Pictures From Hastings County Archives

santa clause parade e.jpg
santa clause parade b.jpg

Picture of The Flinstone's Car with Fred & Wilma (left) and a Vintage Fire Engine in the 1978

Belleville Santa Claus Parade.

Pictures From Hastings County Archives

santa clause parade c.jpg

Do you remember this Train Engine in many parade's as a child?

From the 1978 Belleville Santa Claus Parade

Pictures From Hastings County Archives

santa clause parade d.jpg

Picture of a float from the Belleville O.P.P. in the 1978

Belleville Santa Claus Parade.

Pictures From Hastings County Archives

santa clause parade f.jpg

Picture of the float The Night Before Christmas in the 1978

Belleville Santa Claus Parade.

Pictures From Hastings County Archives

Classic Christmas Commercials

The Joy of 70's and 80's Christmas Commercials.

Written by: Johnathon Boyd

    I remember as a child of the 70's and 80's being bombarded with Christmas Commercials! The difference is, back then the commercials didn't start right after thanksgiving!! it was exciting to see all the new things that were coming out for kids in the 70's and 80's. There were: commodore 64/ Radio Shack TRS 80 Home computer systems, Atari / nintendo / Playstation video game systems, microwave ovens, Cabbage patch kids, Teddy Ruxpin, Masters Of The Universe / G.I. Joe / Voltron / TMNT / WWE Action Figures, Race car / Hot Wheels stunt / Train tracks, Smash Up Derby cars, Electronic Quarterback / Speak & Spell / Merlin / Simon.....the Joy and wonder was astounding !!

    the 70's and 80's launched the electronics and video game revolution. A simpler time when it was great to be a child. The best toys, new technology, and great Christmas advertising campaigns...some of which are still being used today! Here are a few of my favourite and most recognized Christmas Commercials from when I was a child.

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

Bright blessings!

Here are the times to fast forward to for great commercial memories: 0:00, 0:18, 0:47, 2:16, 4:39, 7:10, 7:40, 9:27, 10:54, 12:59, 17:01, 20:02, 20:32, 27:29, 31:39, 32:45, 33:15, 36:30, 37:42, 41:51, 43:49, 44:18 and 45:40. There are other commercials , Christmas Cartoon ads and much more if you want to check out the whole video! The great fun is seeing all the old clothes, hairstyles, and prices for things back then.

Here are the times to fast forward to for great commercial memories: 0:00, 1:31, 2:00, 5:19, 5:49, 6:50, 7:19, 8:58, 11:50, 12:05, 14:05, 16:50, 17:48, 18:08, 18:38, 22:15, 26:40, 28:09, 30:38, 32:58, 38:48, 43:55 and 45:10. There are other commercials , Christmas Cartoon ads and much more if you want to check out the whole video! The great fun is seeing all the old clothes, hairstyles, and prices for things back then.

One of my favourite classic Christmas commercials,

The Great House of Guitars and Armand the Blue-Nosed Guitarman


Holiday Movies & Christmas Specials:

Classics, Cartoons, & Common Ground.

Written by: Johnathon Boyd

The Holiday Season is in overdrive. It is time for the yearly parade of our favourite

HoLIDAY MOVIES & CHRISTMAS Specials!! "I have been on this planet, for

53 Years NowI must find some JOY in Christmas..But How??"

For me, it is through re-watching The Holiday Classics! My JOY during the "SEASON",

as I relive the simpler times of my childhood, and the magic and wonder of Christmas.

When the snow was blowing fierce outside, there was A Charlie Brown Christmas,

How The Grich Stole Christmas, Frosty The Snowman, Rudolph The Red-Nosed

Reindeer, A Christmas Story, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and many

more as the weeks rolled by.

     So many of the Classics, we have come to love every year,

have a category of their own! I talking about the Rankin/Bass Collection. Some you

are familiar with, and some you have forgotten about due to not being played for

more that 25 years. Long gone are the days in the 70's and 80's with the Christmas

Special All-Day Marathons!! They ran, the week before Christmas, Christmas Eve

Day, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. All Un-Edited for time, Commercial Free and

ran Back to Back starting at 5:00 AM to 9:00PM yearly. What a great time to be a child!

Over the years, HoLIDAY MOVIES & CHRISTMAS Specials have taken a hit on

the Broadcasting Schedule. Many on the list below have been lost to time, never to be

played again. The Great News is that most have been restored and put out on Blu-Ray

and Digital Copies to survive for generations to come!

Most Christmas Fanatics start their yearly countdown of watching their favourite

HoLIDAY MOVIES & CHRISTMAS Specials on December 1st and culminating

with a marathon of THE BEST on Christmas Eve! Everyone has their favourites

Below are 108 of my picks (no specific ranking) for the Best HoLIDAY MOVIES & CHRISTMAS Specials. Some have spawned franchises, prequels, numerous

sequels, re-boots, comics/books, mass merchandising, spin-offs, etc.

You may agree or not, it is all up to personal choice.

Bright Blessings to you and your family.

Images By:





The Rankin/Bass Collection








Metaphysical Mojo brings you and your family some fun for the holiday season with CHRISTMAS TRIVIA ! A friend of mine, Bobby Morris, brought over a trivia game for the holiday season that was really difficult. We decided to create our own! During the month of  December, trivia questions will be posted periodically. The answers  will be posted the next day. The questions will be split up into Six Categories: Christmas Carols, Christmas Cracker, Festive Traditions, Holiday SpecialsSanta's Secrets and Christmas Quotes. Are you a GRINCH or MASTER ELF  ??

Idea: Why not make it a game with your family this season ??

1. Copy down the categories (number them 1-6), questions, and answers on blank index cards.

2.  Place all cards in a stocking.

 3. Split up into two teams.

4. Roll the die. The number showing is the category/question you ask

5. A team member (reading) takes a turn drawing a card,

and reads question to opposing (answering) team.

6. Team can work together to answer question.

7. If team answers correctly, they get point and finish category of question answered.

8. Once turn is finished, a team member (just read question) rolls the die.

9. A team member (just answered question) takes a turn

drawing a card, and reads question to opposing team (answering).

10. The game continues until one team completes all answers for all categories.

Option: Set a 30 second time limit on answering questions.

Round One.

Christmas Carols

1. The gentleman who sang the song  "You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch", from the

1966 animated special, also voiced a popular breakfast cereal icon. Name the icon.

2. How many gifts would you have if you accepted every present

from the Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas?

3. What is the biggest selling Christmas song of all time?

4. What did Santa's sleigh have for a wheel in Little Saint Nick?

5. Who sang It's A Marshmallow World?

Christmas Cracker

1. Which member of The Eurythmics was born on Christmas Day, 1954?

2. Who said: "Mail your packages early so the post office can lose them in time for Christmas."

3. What is the population of Christmas, Florida?

Is It 1,162, 11,620 or 116,200 People?

4. What is the average number of gifts an adult male receives for Christmas?

5. Does UPS deliver on Christmas Eve?

Festive Traditions

1. What is the weight of the biggest turkey on record?

2. When were pre-wired electric Christmas tree lights first

available to the public?

In 1902, 1903, or 1904?

3. How much did it cost to decorate a Christmas tree with electric

lights at the end of the 19th century?

4. What seafood is considered a Christmas favourite in Paris, France?

5. In years gone by, where was it customary to "fish for the church"

over the Christmas holidays?

 Holiday Specials

1. Who raised Santa Claus in the 1985 stop motion animated feature

The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus?

2. What did Yukon Cornelius find in the last scene of the animated classic

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer?

3. Who was the voice of Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

4. What 1994 movie gave us the tagline: "This Christmas, the snow hits the fan."? 

5. What Christmas special was nominated for an outstanding animated program Emmy in 1990?

 Santa's Secrets

1. Does Rudolph have antlers?

2. On average, how many Canadian homes have Christmas trees?

Is it 1, 2, or 3 Million Homes?

3. What Roman/Pagan holiday does the Christmas tree trace it's roots from?

4. How does Santa say Merry Christmas in France?

5. How tall are full-grown Reindeer?

Christmas Quotes

( From Holiday Movies and Specials)

1. "If I could work my will, Every Idiot that goes about with Merry Christmas on

his lips should be boiled with his own pudding and buried with

a stake of holly through his heart !!"

2. "Yeah, Fried Pussy Cat!! If that thing had nine lives, she just spent’em all."

3. "Whiskers out!! The cold air makes them grow."

4. "My finger's in your mouth kitty, but I don't feel no teeth."

5. "Your name is Thurman Merman??"

Round Two.

Christmas Carols

1. In the song  "You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch", from the 1966 animated special,

what three words best describe the Grinch?

2. What Christmas parody classic talks about an unfortunate accident that happens to an

octogenarian on Dec. 24th?

3. What Christmas song was made big by British music artist's in November 1984?


4. Who's Christmas Special includes the Christmas carol Jingle Bombs?

5. What famous singer sang The Twelve Days of Christmas with The Muppets?

Christmas Cracker

1. What is December 23rd  now officially recognized as?

2. Who wrote the line: "I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year."?


3. What infamous event occurred Dec. 24th,1965?

4. What is the common gift people receive the most for Christmas?

5. What year did Operation Red Nose start ? 

In 1982, 1984, or 1986?

Festive Traditions

1. Who started the tradition of hanging mistletoe in their homes as a fertility

ritual over 2,000 years ago?

2.  A holiday superstition states that if you place a fruitcake under your pillow 

you will dream of whom?

3. When did the telling of Ghost Stories at Christmas become a tradition?

4. What are the average sales of cranberries yearly?

Is it 1.25, 1.45 or 1.65 Billon Dollars?

5. What special food is left out for "Anticipated Night Visitors" every Christmas Eve?

 Holiday Specials

1. What was the rabbit's name in the animated classic Frosty The Snowman?

2. What were the names of the two feuding immortal brothers in the Rankin/Bass animated

Christmas special The Year Without A Santa Claus?

3. Who was sent to kidnap the Sandy Claws in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

4. What did George dream of becoming in the movie It's A Wonderful Life

5. What 1977 Christmas special had the character Mr. Tyrone wanting to tear

down a clubhouse on Christmas Eve?

 Santa's Secrets

1. What colour is Santa's suit in Russia?

2. What is Santa's name in England?

3. What did the Pilgrims decorate instead of Christmas trees?

4. How does Santa say Merry Christmas in Spanish?

5. What is the main ingredient in Gingerbread cookies?

 Christmas Quotes

( From Holiday Movies and Specials)

1. "What's wrong...did you forget to pack your snood ??"

2. "I got a hot little puppy in the fourth race."

3. "Was always kinda partial to Roy Rogers actually.

I really like those sequined shirts."

4. "You can keep your Channel Number 5, just give me a whiff of the old lonesome pine;

that symbol of brotherly love, That centerpiece that all mankind gathers around....

to share the cranberry sauce shaped like a can."


5. "Oh Yeah, I Triple Dog Dare Ya!!"


Bonus Christmas Quotes


Bonus Round One.

1. "If  I'm not the best manager in the business, I'll eat

a garage mechanic's shirt!"

2. "It is possible for any man, by good deeds, to enshrine

himself as a Saint in the hearts of the people."

3. "We're not birds, we're a jug band!" 

4. "Yeah Vern is my best buddy he's always happy to see

me and he throws the greatest parties."

5. "Aaah! "Fra-GEE-leh!" It must be Italian!"

6. "Not too good, Snowy, he's got a bad cold"

7. "Plato, you fool! That's a great idea."

8. "Whoever invented Christmas trees should be

drug out into the street and shot."

9. "I'm sure you'll do fine. Just remember, Santa is a cheerful,

jolly fellow, who never calls a child "dumbass"."

10. "Besides, Rex, maybe "wassail" is an old word that means "waffle".

After all, what can be more Christmassy than a

thick stack of syrup-drenched waffles?."

Holiday Recipes


I am pleased to be sharing some of my incredible holiday recipes for you and your family to enjoy. Appetizers, desserts and drinks are on the menu.

Old Fashioned EggNog

This is one potent holiday beverage. One small glass will be more than enough. This doesn't taste anything like the store bought, neon yellow concoction.

Please take the keys away and don't let people drive drunk.


12 eggs separated

3/4 cup Castor Sugar

1 liter of 2% milk

1 mickey of Bourbon

1 mickey of Light Rum

1 mickey of Jamaican Rum

1 liter of Whipping Cream

Fresh ground Nutmeg to top


1. Beat egg yolks slightly, adding sugar a little at a time. Beat

 until smooth and creamy.

2. Add Bourbon and Rum's to yolk mixture and let stand in fridge for 2 hours.

3. Beat egg whites until they form soft peaks and set aside.

4. Beat whipping cream until firm and set aside.

5. Fold egg whites gently into whipping cream.

6. Fold whipping cream mixture into egg yolk/alcohol mixture and return to fridge.

7. Serve chilled into small glasses and garnish with a sprinkle of fresh ground nutmeg.


christmas crafts


The tradition of holiday crafting has endured over the centuries. Many holiday crafts involved making decorations, candles, scented fruit, cards, Christmas crackers, and too many more to mention. As a child, there were many Christmas crafts done in school and at home over the holidays. Here are some great family crafts to enjoy over the holiday season.

Santa Claus Mobile

This is a fun activity for children ages 5 - 9 years old. Parents will need to help cutting/tying strings, cutting out/paper punching Santa faces, stringing Santa faces and hanging finished mobile.

Materials :

Crayons/Pencil Crayons/Washable Markers


1 Wire Coat Hanger


Paper Hole Punch

Paper Punch Hole Reinforcer Stickers (optional)

Multiple copies of Santa Face

Steps :

1. Make multiple copies of Santa face pictured below ( you will need 5 Santa faces total). Have children colour all Santa faces.

2. Cut 6 pieces of string/ribbon all different lengths. Save longest piece of 

string/ribbon for later.

3. Tie one end of second longest piece of string/ribbon in center of wire coat hanger.

4. Tie the ends of two more strings/ribbons to outside of wire coat hanger.

5. Tie the ends of remaining strings/ribbons in the middle of center and outside strings on wire coat hanger.

6. Cut out Santa faces. Punch a hole in the same spot of all Santa faces using paper hole punch. Tip: Use hole reinforcer stickers so as not to rip Santa faces when tying to mobile.

7. Tie Santa faces to all the strings/ribbons.

8. Using the longest piece of string/ribbon you set aside, tie it to the middle of hook part of wire coat hanger.

8. Hang finished Santa Claus Mobile in child's room or home.

Santa Claus Face .jpg
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