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The          Spring Shopping Guide


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Metaphysical Mojo is helping you find incredible gift ideas for the Spring Season!

Support Local Artisans with a UNIQUE gift for that special person on your

Gift List!

Bright Blessings to you and your family.

Metaphysical Mojo is pleased to offer 

AuraCloud 3D Aura Scans

Get ready to Rock Your Chakras!

A Unique experience for your next Christmas Party,

Bridal Shower, Staff  Party or special event! 

We also offer House Parties and Aura Pet Scan Parties

Bright Blessings!



Mojo Merch

Books, Journals, Guitar Tab Bookand much

more click HERE

Holiday Items, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs and

much more click HERE

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Taking In Home Private Bookings for SPRING 2023!!

The SÉANCE Parlour

AuraCloud 3D Aura Scans

& Aura Pet Scans

Paranormal Investigations

For more Information 

Rev. Darlene A. Russell


Certified End of Life Doula
Registered Practical Nurse
Metaphysical Minister
Reiki Master

Drawing on over two decades of experience working in end of life care, I provide knowledgeable and compassionate support to individuals and their loved ones.



Darlenes Butterflies.png

Memberships:  Death Doula Ontario Network 

 College of Nurses of Ontario

International Metaphysical Ministry 

Royal Canadian Legion

For more information please visit Website:
Facebook: @TranformationsMetaphysicalGathering


Ben Heaton

Cutting Edge-
Stained Glass

My name is Ben Heaton. I have always had a love of art and their different mediums. My parents took me to Dundas Valley School of Art to do family classes on a Sunday. I also spent many vacations visiting different Art Galleries. I finished an Art SHSM in June 2020 when I graduated from Dundas Valley Secondary School.

I started stained glass in October 2020 whereby I did a workshop with my Mum. I really enjoyed stained glass and went on to have two different teachers who taught me two different ways of doing stained glass. I decided in February 2021 to start my own stained-glass

business and called it Cutting Edge-Stained Glass.

I have completed many custom orders for people in the Dundas Community, the United Kingdom, London, Toronto and Grand Bend.

I also donated 33 stained glass pieces to a charity

at Christmas 2021. My Custom orders have included pets,

Company logos, various panels, sun catchers and garden stakes.

I also repair stained glass.

Most of my designs are hand drawn patterns. Someone asks me

to make a custom piece and I come up with a design, show

them and then with the help of my client we choose the glass.

My work is simply a way to express my love of stained glass

and I hope it brings a smile to your face.

For more information please visit

Facebook: @ben.heaton.3551

2 Bombed Moms logo.jpg

2 "BOMB"ed Moms

2 "BOMB"ed Moms offer Fun And Unique Chocolate Treats! A Little Something For Everyone.

Homemade From Scratch. Chocolates, chocolate

covered everythings, charcuterie, charcuterie

covered in chocolate!

We can create just about anything you imagine and

for almost any occasion! Graduations, weddings, birthdays, divorces…. you name it!

For more information please visit


Facebook: @2"BOMB"edMoms

Instagram: @2_bombed_moms


Curandera logo.png

Everything I am comes from my forebears that walked before me.

Offering traditional Latin-American folk healings,

readings & clearings


[koo-rahn-de-rah], noun

Spanish. a female folk healer or medicine woman who uses herbs

or psychoactive plants, magic, and spiritualism to treat illness,

induce visions, impart traditional wisdom, etc.; a female shaman

Hello I'm Carolina. The sacred calling of la curandera cannot

be expressed properly through words. My hands are guided to

help others and the Holy Spirit is at the core of everything I do.

The spirits have spoken to me since childhood and I just listen.

I thank my ancestors for holding my hand on this journey.

For more information please visit



Stone Turtleb_edited.jpg
Stone Turtlea.jpg

Stone Turtle Studio

Stone Turtle Studio is physically operated from a studio located on the Thames River in Kent Bridge, Ontario, Canada.

The family could be found in the studio assisting and giving

their direction. From Katie coming up with the name and

creating the sloganwe love turtles and work with stone” or

Ben helping organize and weighing cabochons while

listeningto his favorite YouTube channel.

For more information please visit



Instagram: @stoneturtlestudio

Moonlake Candle Co logo.jpg



Hand poured soy crystal intention

and affirmation candles.

Handmade in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

Moonlake Candle Co. is named after my two boys -

Matty after his love for the moon, and Phil after

his love for being at the lake. All created in

small batches from my humble home, these

candles are made with phthalate free scents,

premium soy wax, crystals and infused

with positive intentions to match the

intention of the candles.

Bring a little candle magick home with you 

For more information please visit


Instagram: @moonlakecandleco

The Mossy
Rock Studio

Gemstone pendants created to accentuate the gem, its power

and beauty. All handmade one of a kind original pieces.

The Mossy Rock Studio came about by chance. Mark, the Artist

is a wounded warrior. While out on a day trip with his

beautiful wife, they visited a Gem and Healing shop.

Inside, Mark was overwhelmed with the positive

and embracing energy he felt.

They walked around and selected gems that were calling out

and drawing them to feel the energy they were sharing. Even

though he had never worked with wire, Mark felt compelled

to begin creating wearable works of art to enhance,

embrace and accentuate what the gems are sharing-while

at the same time keeping his mind occupied

with positive thoughts.

All items are crafted with positive intention and energy cleansed 

Creating beautiful pieces of wire art Gemstone Pendants

and Jewelry to allow you empowerment.

For more information please visit



Instagram: @themossyrock

The Mossy Rockb.jpg
The Mossy Rock logo.png
The Mossy Rocka.jpg


Merry Meet!

My name is Latte. I am a single mother of three beautiful

babies. I am currently in school and I've decided to

start this journey as a healer to spread my

love to those who need it!

The world is becoming a scarier place, I want to provide

my little bit of love in a box to make you feel safe,

even for a little while.

Everything you buy will be cleansed and blessed with

the pursest of love and intentions. Here, we are

proud supporters of LGBTQ+ and

individuals with disabilitiesNo one is left out!

Allow me to provide your inner goddess

with the TLC she deserves.

For more information please visit


Facebook: @InnerTripleGoddess

Instagram: @triplegoddessmagic

Triple Goddessa.jpg
Triple Goddess Logo.jpg

Venus Moon Emporium

Venus Moon Emporium was created with the intention of creating beautiful and fragrant products to help soothe the body + mind and help ease you into a meditative state for all your self-care rituals. As we take the time to unwind, we give ourselves space to access higher vibrations and unfold our highest potential.

The idea for Venus Moon Emporium came to me during a meditation. The soft, loving, gracious but subtly sensual Goddess energies that came forward enveloped me into such a deep sense of safety and sacredness, I knew that I wanted to capture this feeling and experience it again.

I knew that recreating this sacred vessel required me to create products that nurtured our self-care and self-love rituals. The moments of quiet time that we spend, meditating, bathing, or just holding a crystal in our hands helps us to connect with the inner Goddess within us and open a channel wherein we can manifest our deepest desires. By creating products infused with Gem Essences and harnessing the different phases of the Moon to further enhance our focused intention with the added benefit of raising our vibration, clearing out negativity, and removing blockages. The crystals used with my products will amplify and purify your subtle body helping you to unlock and release deeper aspects of yourself giving you a greater awareness and acceptance of yourself. When we learn to nurture and take care of our bodies and our soul, we begin to experience self-love and connect with our authentic soul self.

As with all things, progress takes time, and taking the time to honour the self with self-care rituals will reap far greater rewards than you can imagine. A stronger sense of self, radiating inner beauty, and reaching a peaceful calm within oneself are but just a few of the benefits of the effects of sacred self-care. From Ritual Candles to Bath Bombs, Artisan Soaps with Crystals, and Crystal Salt and Sugar Scrubs, each item has been carefully crafted under the appropriate phases of the Moon, Planetary alignment, and matching corresponding herbs and crystals to amplify and augment the desired outcome for each product. I sincerely hope you take the time to take care of yourself and nurture your Soul.


For more information please visit


Facebook: @VenusMoonSoap

Instagram: @venusmoonemporium



Hi-Ki is a Canadian Fashion and Lifestyle brand which was born with the idea of adding the extra element of  Energy to make it more transformative, deep, and meaningful. On the path towards the higher purposes in life and after many years of research and study of metaphysics, energy healing and spirituality, we were introduced to the mesmerizing world of crystals and gemstones. These magical objects have been used around the world, throughout the ages, and by many ancient civilizations, for their unique healing and energetic properties. Hi-Ki 's goal is to invite you to the crystals magical world, using the human’s thrive for fashion, beauty and style, and let you be the witness of the positive vibes they bring about into your life. It is time to revisit our ancestors’ wisdom, discover our superpower, raise our collective vibrations, and attain our deepest inner transformations. Hi-Ki’s mission is to refresh and put to practice the spiritual teachings such as Ki Energy, Energy healing, Chakras, Karma, Law of Attraction and many more, with the subtle language of fashion.

Hi-Ki is a fashion & wellbeing brand on a mission to help people experience the incredible, transformative energy that crystals and gemstones can inject into daily life. Each crystal has its unique vibration and associated with specific chakras of energy in our body and thus has unique properties and healing energies.

For more information please visit




Eyes Of A Crow

I create artwork and custom art pieces.

Everything from large paintings, to bookmarks, to faerie cottages.

For more information please visit


Facebook: @Crowskin.Artwork

Instagram: @crowskinbond

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