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The Creator's Shelf

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UPDATE: Congratulations to Issac Two White Feather!

He has completed the Youth Ambassador program with

The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund!

This program offers youth / young adult participants the

opportunity to gain practical work experiencenetwork, strengthen 21st-century skills, and gain leadership experience while learning about Canada’s true history with residential schools.

Throughout the 4-week leadership training program, they

will be supported to become champions of reconciliation in

their schools and / or communities.

The Creator’s Shelf is a partnership effort of  Issac Two White Feather from Saugeen First Nation and Settler Ally Lori Gentle Eagle from Niagara Falls. Crafting helps us to open our hearts,

calm our bodies and connect us to spirit. It began as just another healthy distraction that supported Two White Feather’s efforts to

manage symptoms of mental health and addictive behaviours.

Much like his Father, Issac has a particular interest in working

with his hands and building with wood. Lori fondly remembers

times in her childhood spent with her Grandmother, making dolls
with dried apples
or embroidering table cloths with blessings left behind by those who gathered together during holiday meals each year. From her work as a Counsellor / Advocate and Soul

Worker/ Circle Facilitator, she knows the healing value

of creative expression.

On The Creator’s Shelf, you will find items infused with spirit

from Indigenous and Wise Woman (Goddess) traditions. We respectfully seek a lot of our supplies from the natural world

and let Mother Earth be our guide. We then come together

to breathe life into the creation and to share the meaning

or teachings that accompany it, either on paper or in one of our Crafting With A Conscience Workshops. Custom work

will always be considered as we believe,

one of a kind is the best find’!

We love to showcase other artists who use their medium in

healing ways. And we believe in giving back to community.

We contribute what we can of the craft sales to support the

build efforts of A Womb With a View; our peer support,

land based healing space that will offer crisis intervention, programming, respite for First Nations youth and/or

their caregivers while they are on the Red Road to recovery.

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Red Road Bike Rides


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