Testimonials and Photos


"Johnathon Shannon is an amazing and unique person with an incredible talent! He is kind and caring and extremely Intuitive and knowledgeable" - Gayle

"Johnathon Shannon truly is a remarkable man. I met him many years ago when he had interviewed my mother for his radio show at Sweet Escapes cafe in downtown Belleville. He's very insightful, talented, intuitive and has a wonderful sense of humor to go along with his gifts!" - Halley

"Wow, Glad, I found your page, Johnathon Shannon. You are a very Talented Psychic. I have seen you Channel and speak with your guides. Been on many of your events and have enjoyed all of them." - Trace

"Johnathon is a truly amazing individual with a very special gift. His readings are insightful and accurate, and he has a warm, caring manner. With the help of his spirit guides Johnathon will answer questions you didn't even know you had" - Darlene

"What can I say Johnathon that will amount to your impressive gifts... that can depict how truly talented you are!! I can't express my gratitude in all your insight that has helped guide me. Bang on always .. so knowledgeable and honest. You are a gem, diamond in the rough and I am so happy to have found you my
friend." - Melissa

"Johnathon is quirky, spontaneous and a pleasure. He was able to pick up some pretty accurate details that allowed me to let go of some things I didn’t know and is worth every Penny. We all have our gifts. His is one that you should look at. So unique and insightful. Thank you Johnathon." - Candice

"Johnathon is an amazing, gifted clairvoyant. I went to him a few weeks ago for a reading. Without going into details, I was very upset over something that had a huge impact on me and I was questioning everything. He managed to calm me while encouraging me to take this opportunity to use the gifts that I had for healing myself and others. He also advised me that the issue I had come to him with would resolve itself on it's own by May and to be patient. Lo and behold, three short weeks later the issue resolved itself out of the blue. I was utterly stunned and happy! He also has relayed messages and accurate details from a family member who has passed. I was "told" to let certain family issues go. I did and felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I am continuing to explore my spiritual side and gifts with his advice and assistance. He is very calm, quirky, patient and you leave his readings with a sense of hope, peace and well-being. I highly recommend him to
anyone!" - Linda


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