The Spring Fling Mojo  Show

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Metaphysical Mojo is pleased to announce
The Spring Fling Mojo  Show

Spring is here! It's time to get your

Vendors, Mediums, Health/Wellness,
Psychics, Crafts, Artisans & much more!

HOP your way down and Join Us! 

Sat. April 9, 2022 : 10 AM - 6 PM
Sun. April 10, 2022 : 10 AM - 4 PM

Legion Branch 36, Dundas, ON
Admission: $5 (Cash Only) for the weekend


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METAPHYSICAL MOJO  is a unique business that caters to all your Spiritual, Metaphysical and New Age goods and services. Let our knowledgeable and educated staff help you find the right items for all your endeavors. We pride ourselves on offering high quality products and services in cooperation with local artisans. 

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Rev. Darlene A. Russell

Certified End of Life Doula
Registered Practical Nurse
Metaphysical Minister
Reiki Master

Memberships:  Death Doula Ontario Network 

 College of Nurses of Ontario

International Metaphysical Ministry 

Royal Canadian Legion

Drawing on over two decades of experience working in end of life care, I provide knowledgeable and compassionate support to individuals and their loved ones.

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Johnathon Shannon

Since visiting the Spirit World, after being pronounced dead at a very young age and miraculously brought back,

Johnathon has the profound gift of  Vision.

For 27 years he perfected his gifts in private, as a result of wanting to bring people only his BEST and nothing less.

At the age of 34, Johnathon met his Spirit Guide. Since then he has been healing the hearts of many as he shares his insights in the way only Johnathon can.

Psychometry/Channeling/Tarot  Readings

Past, Present, Future, Psychic Gifts and Past Life.

Tarot and Psychometry readings advise

on all matters of life and answers

all your personal questions.

Channeling: information obtained from a

higher source utilizing a Spirit Guide

( Contacting your Spirit Guides / Loved Ones

and Identifying Totem Animals )

Book your appointment at

UPDATE: Due to Illness, Psychic Medium Gaby will not be attending.
We wish her a Speedy Recovery.


Psychic Medium Gaby
Empath, Reiki Master,
Medical Intuitive, Intuition & Empowerment Coach

I’ve been aware of my psychic abilities as far as I can remember. As a child, I often saw events before they happened in dreams or as flash-like holographic movies in front of me, and after my grandmother's passing in 2005, I realized I could

also communicate with the dead.

One of my earliest mentors was a great-aunt, who was a Ph.D. in physics and taught me about energy, energy healing and the science behind psychic abilities.

My gifts have expanded over the years and include psychic abilities (seeing a person's past, present and/or future or foreseeing events), clairvoyance (receiving information from people, objects, places, images, food, etc.) clairsentience (senses, feelings, emotions), clairaudience (communicating with spirits, regardless of when they passed, and helping them cross-over), claircognizance (knowing information without prior exposure to it), telekinesis (the manipulation of matter with energy), medical mediumship, energy healing (beyond Reiki), and more. 

I read energy fields by just sharing the same space as a client, by looking at a picture, text, listening to their voice, or walking into a room, without the need for tools, such as palm reading, coffee/tea leaf reading, tarot/oracle cards, etc. However, I’ve found that the tools help clients relax, so their energy field is more open to a reading.

Please note that I prefer to have as little information or no information at all prior to a reading, so as not to interfere with what may come up during the reading. 

For more information or to book an appointment outside of show hours, or energy clearings, please visit, Facebook: @psychicmediumgaby Instagram: @findyourinnerzenca or e-mail: or call: 647-922-0498.

Cutting Edge-
Stained Glass

Cutting Edge Stained Glass.jpg

Ben Heaton

My name is Ben Heaton. I have always had a love of art and their different mediums. My parents took me to Dundas Valley School of Art to do family classes on a Sunday. I also spent many vacations visiting different Art Galleries. I finished an Art SHSM in June 2020 when I graduated from Dundas Valley Secondary School.

I started stained glass in October 2020 whereby I did a workshop with my Mum. I really enjoyed stained glass and went on to have two different teachers who taught me two different ways of doing stained glass. I decided in February 2021 to start my own stained-glass business and called it Cutting Edge-Stained Glass.

I have completed many custom orders for people in the Dundas Community, the United Kingdom, London, Toronto and Grand Bend. I also donated 33 stained glass pieces to a charity at Christmas 2021. My Custom orders have included pets, Company logos, various panels, sun catchers and garden stakes. I also repair stained glass.

Most of my designs are hand drawn patterns. Someone asks me to make a custom piece and I come up with a design, show them and then with the help of my client we choose the glass.

My work is simply a way to express my love of stained glass and I hope it brings a smile to your face.

For more information please visit

Facebook: @ben.heaton.3551

Rev Michlynn


BLISSings BEautiful souls. I am Rev Michlynn. I have been connected to elemental energies from a very early age. I use these energies as a means to navigate my journey and

learn about this world we live in. I just love

learning about how energy works, so I am

constantly taking workshops and courses.

Some of my accreditations include:

Ordained Metaphysical Reverend, Reiki Master/Mentor,

Soul Retrieval, Quantum Touch, Sound Vibrational Healer,

EFT (Emotional Healing Technique) Teacher & Practitioner, Public Speaker, Spiritual Mentor, Angel Card Reader,

Energy Intuitive, Medium, Workshop & Retreat Facilitator,

Birth & Death Doula, Grief Counsellor & Hospice Worker.

I love travelling, volunteering and sharing my gifts globally.
You are BEautuful You are LOVEd


Bright BLISSings

Rev Mich


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Krista Kennedy

Krista Kennedy is a certified Meditation Teacher, Energy Channeler,

Reiki Master Practitioner, Tarot Masterand Crystal Healer.

Krista practices intuitive energy healing and combines a

metaphysical and heart-centered approach to guide client

 to their highest potential. She brings compassion, integrity,

and extensive experience to her clients. Krista inspires

and coaches her clients to learn more of their innate ability

to heal and tap into their divinely gifted abilities.

Krista’s clairvoyance and intuition are some of her tools

used to help clients remove physical, spiritual, or

emotional blocks. She gently provides the guidance

and validation clients require to navigate through

their unique journeys.

Krista is the founder of Starseed Sisterhood, where she

facilitates workshops and mini retreats for soul-led

individuals throughout Ontario. Some of Krista’s

group offerings include Sound Bath Meditations,

Goddess Circles, and Energy healing services in

combination with Halotherapy in the Holistic Salt Cave.

Krista’s services are offered both in-person and virtually.

Krista also provides mobile services throughout the GTA

to clients who wish to experience sessions in the comfort

and privacy of their own space. Krista’s mobile and private

events are customizable to suit a variety of

interest and experience levels.

For more information please visit

Instagram: @starseed.sisterhood

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The Creator's Shelf

Crafting is one of the ways that we as adults allow ourselves

to play; to open our hearts, focus our minds, calm our bodies and connect us to Creator. The Creator's Shelf is a partnership effort of Issac Two White Feather from Saugeen First Nation

and Lori Gentle Eagle a settler ally of French/Irish/Scottish

descent and pagan ancestry.

Issac enjoys working with his hands and building things with repurposed wood and other items from nature.  He also

dedicates his time to an awareness & fundraising initiative

he co-created with Lori known as Two White Feather
Red Road Bike Rides
, which enhances his own recoveryefforts while at the same time, improves the quality of life

for First Nations people.

Lori is also a Counsellor/Advocate for Victims of Intimate

Partner Violence and a Soul Worker/Circle Facilitator/

Empath with Sacred Synergy.  

On The Creator's Shelf, you will find items infused with spirit from Ojibway and Wise Woman traditions. It is our intention to invite others who come to the soon to be birthed youth crisis / caregiver respite lodge,  A Womb With A View, to showcase

their gifts and abilities on The Creator's Shelf.

For more information please visit

Facebook: @thecreatorsshelf

JAM Creations

JAM Creations Logo.jpg

JAM Creations is excited to be a part of the

Spring Fling Mojo Show. Make sure you come by our

booth to say hello and take a look at the creations.

We specialize in making wooden porch signs of all kinds.

There are many to choose from and you can also

customize one to your liking. We also have a variety

of home decor art options including framed cat art,

framed dog art, inspirational words and quotes. If you're

into sports we have many options to choose from as well.

With Easter approaching soon we will have some

Easter themed porch signs and home decor as well for sale.

It’s important to us to create handmade items that will put

a smile on our customers' faces. We take a lot of pride in our ability to make our customers’ projects and ideas

come to life. So bring your ideas and we can discuss a customized project for you. Get something for yourself

or a gift for someone else. Looking forward to

meeting you at the event.

For more information please visit

Facebook: @JAMcreations

Cindys Logo_edited.jpg

C&J Crafts,
Home decor and More

C&J Crafts.jpg
C&J Craftsb.jpg


C & J Craft’s is a family-oriented home-based business.

We pride ourselves in making custom gifts for all

occasions as well as for personal use and decorations.

Our specialty’s include wooden signs that are made

from birch and pine that are specially treated

for outdoor weather to protect them from fading

and damage as well as personalized shirts and

sweaters in all colours and sizes. Some of the other

crafts we make include: Custom glass, Planters,

Kitchen items, Shot glasses, Decals

And so much more…

If there is a product you don’t see and would

like it made, don’t hesitate to ask if we

can make it, we are always up for a challenge.

For more information please visit

Facebook: @C-J-Crafts-Home-Decor-and-More


Thirty-one Gifts

Jody's Logo.png

HI!!  My name is Jody and I was born and raised in Hamilton where I still reside.  I am so excited to be here at this amazing Spring Fling Event and to be able to share all the amazing products Thirty-One Gifts has to offer.


I work a full time office job and also have a part time gig teaching dance which is my passion (I used to teach right

here in Dundas too).  When COVID hit dance wasn’t

running and I felt lost, not sure what to do with

all the extra time.  So I took the leap into running

my own business and I absolutely LOVE it!  Now

that things are starting to open up I am so excited to

meet so many great people at in person events!

I look forward to seeing you soon!


For more information please visit


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Mary's Baked Goods_edited.jpg

Baked Goods

My name is Mary. As I read the ingredients in baked goods

I would purchase, I noticed that they were laden

with additives and preservatives that are not healthy

for you, and were added to extend the expire date.

I took it upon myself to source out premium ingredients,

all natural to produce healthy baked goods which are

healthy for you and free of additives and preservatives.

My baked goods are baked daily to fill customers

orders and sometimes you will find them still warm

when the customer receives them.

"Just like they came out of your own oven".

For more information please visit

Facebook: @Marys-Homemade-baked-goods-

Clockwork Beetle Logo.webp

The Clockwork Beetle

Clockwork Beetleb.jpg
Clockwork Beetled.jpg

Enter the creepy abyss of disturbed imaginations - manifested in the form of tchotchkes, automatons

and other artistic conglomerations.

We are "The Clockwork Beetle" - a mother and daughter duo, resurrecting the once dead,

into strange, beautiful creatures in the form

of hand-crafted one-of-a-kind artwork.

MaryThe Clockwork Beetle

For more information please visit

Instagram: @TheClockworkBeetle

Clockwork Beetlec.jpg
Clockwork Beetlee.jpg
Divs logo.JPG

Div's Delight's

Hi!! I am Div, Owner of  Div's Delight's

I create amazing items for the

Gourmet Foodie in you!!

I'm Just A Teenager Creating FOOD HEAVEN!!


For more information please visit

Instagram: @divs.delights

Kams logo.JPG

Kams Kollections

Hi!! I am Kam, Owner of Kams Kollections

and I sell occasional baskets!!

I specialize in every occasion, such as birthdays,

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day!


For more information please visit

Instagram: @kamskollections

Kara Wilson

Independent Scentsy Consultant
Since 2020

Kara Scentsy logo.jpg

Leading an amazing team under 100!

I will be bringing beautiful warmers,

over 80 fragrances, laundry products,

diffusers, essential oils, scent circles,

travel tinsScentsy buddiesscent paks

and more!

Unable to make the event you can

shop my website at

or contact me at 519-755-5448

For more information please visit

Facebook: @KaraWilsonIndependentScentsyConsultant


moon magic

Kris & Cobb are Owner & Resident Tattoo Artists at

Living Art Tattoo Parlour on 666 Concession Street.

They spend their off time indulging into

Occult studies & naturalpath healing

and remedies. As artists they are able to

bring unique creations to life and offer a

variety of Natural Soaps, Bath Salts,

CandlesJewelry, Accessories,

Protection CharmsCrystals,

Taxidermy, & other Occult items.

For more information please visit

Instagram: @moon_magic_creations




Moon Magic Creationsa.jpg
Moon Magic Creationsc.jpg
Moon Magic Creationsb.jpg
Moon Magic Creationsd.jpg
Hoser Soaps logo.jpg
Hoser Soaps.jpg


Proudly Canadian, Hoser Soaps is a

husband and wife team based out

of Hamilton Ontario.

What started as a trial run, promptly turned

into a hobby for the pair, who enjoyed

crafting their natural handmade soaps

right at home in their kitchen


For more information please visit

Facebook: @Hoser-Soaps

Instagram: @hosersoaps

Absolute Joy
Healthy Living

JBT Headshot 2019.jpg

A little bit about me - I just love to be inspired by the

accomplishments of others so that thoughts can be put into

action while making new friends. I have a tendency to speak passionately from my heart as I am inspired by visions of the

future so I can make a difference while I help others

focus on a direction and follow through with

contagious enthusiasm.  I truly believe that everything

happens for a reason and we all have unique ways of

doing things. We all are individuals yet we all are

connected as human beings. 

I have been a doTERRA essential oil leader for almost

7 years now. I have aligned with a fantastic group of

people who all want to help themselves and their family

to live healthy lives by using safe products that work. Most

of the people that I support want to get away from harsh

chemicals so they choose doTERRA for all aspects of their

lives from toothpaste and laundry detergent to fantastic

natural pure essential oils that can help you change your mood. 

Myself and other leaders work together as a team and make

it SO easy to learn how to use these natural essential

oils and products. Creating a safe and healthy lifestyle

can be a wonderful experience.  

I have been called the DIY Queen as I love to show

people how to make their own items using all

natural ingredients. I have taught classes to make

Lava stone bracelets, Epsom Salt Baths,

Bath Bombs and Soaps

I am so excited to get to know you all a little more to

see how I can support you and your family’s wellness needs. 

Joy Book-Tamas : 905-978-1292

For more information please visit

Absolute Joy Healthy Living in Mighty Networks:




Abby and Austin Logo.png


We are twin flames, who also happen to be psychic

mediums, intuitive empaths and energy healers.

We have a strong desire to help others who are on their

own spiritual journey, or discovering spirit for the first

time.We believe we are all gifted and we desire to help

others learn how to communicate with their higher

selves and loved ones passed.

Our dream is to help others recognize their own

ability to heal themselves and find their

resilience in times of adversity.

For more information please visit