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Metaphysical Mojo is pleased to present our On-line store! All our products are designed in Canada by Local Artisans!

We have been busy creating new products for our Shop!

New ways to Pay (Visa, Mastercard, Debit and more),

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Wiccan Flight Club Hoodie (front)
Wiccan Flight Club Hoodie (front)

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Wiccan Flight Club Hoodie (back)
Wiccan Flight Club Hoodie (back)

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Personalized Goddess Wine Glass
Personalized Goddess Wine Glass

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Wiccan Flight Club Hoodie (front)
Wiccan Flight Club Hoodie (front)

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Advent Journal,Dream Journals,
Book Of Shadows,
Daily Journals, Blank Guitar Tablature and much more! 


The WINTER Season Is HERE!

Have YOU ever wanted to be a Paranormal Investigator?? Do YOU have the skills, courage and heart to seek out Spirits?? Do YOU know where to get the Ghost Hunting Equipment YOU NEED?? I have conducted Ghost Walks for 13 Years and been a Paranormal Investigator for 21 Years.

I have always Used/Trusted/Recommended GhostStop Ghost Hunting Equipment for years.

It is believed that on the night of October 31st, the veil between the Spirit World and Our World was at it's Thinnest!! This is a time when Paranormal Activity increases exponentially.

GhostStop is the longest running and most highly recommended ghost hunting equipment store focused solely on investigation gear. They build and supply gear for teams,

and TV shows around the world!

GhostStop is a proud supplier of ghost hunting equipment for TV shows such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters International, Paranormal Lockdown, Kindred Spirits, The Lowe Files, Ghosts of Shepherdstown, Ghost Asylum, Ghost Brothers and many more paranormal television shows. If you've seen equipment used on TV, there's a good chance they carry it.

EVP-SBox Ghost Box + Recorder.jpg

SBox Ghost Box
+ Recorder

EMF-K2 Deluxe With Sound Alert.jpg
Full Spectrum POV Cam.jpg

Full Spectrum POV Cam

EMF-Mel Meter REM-ATDD.jpg

The Ultimate Keto Meal Plan

People have been asking me how I lost all my weight. I am 51 years old. I have been a Diverticulitis Sufferer for 13 years, chronic pain/arthritis, and even Sleep Apnea!! All that has changed since I chose the Keto Lifestyle.

I have been on my Keto Lifestyle for 14 months. In the first 6 months I went from 248 lbs. - 170 lbs. !! The weight is still off and my muscle mass is AWESOME...WITHOUT GOING TO THE GYM!!!

Please let me share some great knowledge for you with the offer below. I can't express how happy I am having made a Keto Lifestyle. I eat Desserts, Breads, Pasta...even Turkey Dinner with stuffing and all the fixings!!

Have you tried everything with no success?? SO DID I !!


DON'T WAIT..get the body you want TODAY!!

Claim Your Bonus Items NOW!!

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The Winter Season Is Upon Us!

The Winter Season, is the perfect time to stay warm and cuddle up with...A BOOK! There is nothing like reading a book and getting lost in another world! It is up to YOU to decided what to read. Horror, Fantasy, Non-Fiction, History, Romance...the list is ENDLESS!

The best gift for any occasion!


THE MOJO BOOK NOOK is a series on our Metaphysical Mojo:The Vortex YouTube Channel! We talk about books that have been made into movies and give them a rating! It is a fun educational show that takes a UNIQUE LOOK at Books and Movies.


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Bargain Books priced at up to 80% off.


A large selection of toys, home decor, electronics, video games,

baby gifts, stationery, fashion accessories, and more!

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Animal Speak.jpg

Eating Healthy This Winter!

 Give Yourself the Gift of Good Health This Year! I have been on my Keto Lifestyle for 14 months! Learning how to cook and bake with All-Natural Ingredients has made a difference.

We share our ingredients on THE  WITCHIN' KITCHEN!

The Best Gift EVER...Is Investing In YOUR HEALTH!


      THE  WITCHIN' KITCHEN is a series on our Metaphysical Mojo:The Vortex YouTube Channel! We put the JOY back into cooking and baking! Your Host, A real Wizard (retired Red Seal/Pastry Chef) or Witch (Nurse/Health Expert), shares a wide range of recipes (Traditional, Ethnic, Gluten Free, Diabetic Friendly, Keto etc.). Watch with a friend and enjoy a few laughs along the way.


At NaturaMarket, we believe that clean eating should be easy and effortless...

So why isn’t it? Anyone with Dietary Restrictions knows how hard it is sometimes to find the right ingredients you need to make your favourite meals diet-friendly. Well, we got tired of that too. The days of having to search and scour are over!

That’s why we’re dedicated to offering our customers a unique food shopping experience, without the hassle of sorting through hundreds of products. Don’t sweat it; we’ve already done the work for you! We’ve talked to suppliers, read the labels, and carefully sorted our products into easy to browse categories.

konjac noodles.png
Natura market.png

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Bright Blessings!

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