Metaphysical Mojo staff have extensive experience and qualifications in the following areas:

Psychometry/Channeling/Tarot  Readings

Past, Present, Future, Psychic Gifts and Past Life. Tarot and Psychometry  readings advise on all matters of life and answers all your personal questions. Channeling information obtained from a higher source utilizing a Spirit Guide

( Contacting your Spirit Guides / Loved Ones and Identifying Totem Animals )

Readings: in Person, On-Line, Phone Call,

                  or Video Chat

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House Clearings

Do you have Spirits or Negative Entities in your home? We offer a variety of House Clearings to suit your needs. With over 20 years experience, our experts will rid your home of your pesky paranormal problems. Offering Smudge/Blessing Ritual or a full Cleanse/Clearing/Crystal Grid.


Chakra Cleansing/Realignment

Enlightening you to your Seven Chakras. The Seven Chakras are the energy centers in our bodies where energy flows. We will cleanse and realign your Chakras to achieve harmony of your Body, Mind and Spirit.




Energy Healing

Disturbances, or dis-ease, occur in our energetic field, manifesting in our physical being as pain, disease, mental illness, depression, lack of motivation, loss of personal power, and a host of other symptoms. Energy healing addresses physical symptoms at an energetic level. When you alter the energetic dis-ease you

are then free to manifest a healthy physical being.