Howlowe'en Local Donation Drive

Metaphysical Mojo is pleased to announce the start of our annual Howlowe'en local donation drive. We are dedicated to helping a new local business by raising cash and donated items. We are proud to have NIGHT HOWL (Pet Sitter/Dog Boarding Centre/Pet Service) as our local business this year. Over the next three months (until October 31,2020), our goal is to raise $2,500.00 in cash donations and 4 months worth of donated supplies. This will be achieved through a combination of raffles, donation drop offs and money jars at all Metaphysical Mojo events. We can't do it without YOU. To enter the RAFFLE click HERE.

Bright Blessings!


List  of  Donation  Items:

Blankets (various sizes)

 Dog Toys (various sizes) 


Dog Beds (various sizes)

Pillows (various sizes)

Towels (various sizes)

Laundry Soap (pet friendly)

Cleaners (pet friendly)



 Paper Towels/Sponges/Scouring Pads

Mop Heads

Fencing Materials

     * Cash Donations are accepted *     

"Transparency is Key to any endeavor and here at Night Howl we have designed nothing to be hidden. Once you enter through our Gated Driveway and drive down our Fenced Winding Lane, a Gabion Rock Fence uses Nature to enclose our Introduction Area.
You may be greeted at the fence by Red, Dylan or Solo our 3 resident horses, especially if you have apples or carrots. Our
Open and Inviting Reception Area allows you to look through the Birch Tree Half Wall into our Camp Room. The Dog Porthole windows allow your dog a view of the Spacious Dog Paddock, filled with entertaining items to keep your dogs brain engaged during playtime. Our See Through Secure Fencing allows your dog not to feel confined and able to see and hear what’s going on on the other side of the fence. Plus you can see your dog playing with their friends when you drive in.
We are
Experienced Dog Staff and our property has held a kennel license for 3yrs.
Located 12 mins north of Napanee.

We are still under construction 🚧 🔨
But Welcome!!!"

For more information about Night Howl click Here.

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Proudly Canadian!

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