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Metaphysical Mojo


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 Metaphysical Mojo is pleased to offer

AuraCloud 3D Aura Scans.

Visit the Metaphysical Mojo

Booth and get ready to

Rock Your Chakras!

Spooktacular Prices and Options for the Halloween/Samhain Season!

Ask About our House Parties

and Aura Pet Scan Parties

Bring a friend and we will see you there.

Bright Blessings!



Memberships:  Death Doula Ontario Network 

 College of Nurses of Ontario

International Metaphysical Ministry 

Royal Canadian Legion

Rev. Darlene A. Russell

Certified End of Life Doula
Registered Practical Nurse
Metaphysical Minister
Reiki Master

Drawing on over two decades of experience working in end of life care, I provide knowledgeable and compassionate support to individuals and their loved ones.

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For more information please visit Website:,
Facebook: @TranformationsMetaphysicalGathering


The Creator's Shelf

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UPDATE: Congratulations to Issac Two White Feather!

He was selected as a Youth Ambassador with

The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund!

This program offers youth / young adult participants the

opportunity to gain practical work experiencenetwork, strengthen 21st-century skills, and gain leadership experience while learning about Canada’s true history with residential schools.

Throughout the 4-week leadership training program, they

will be supported to become champions of reconciliation in

their schools and / or communities.

The Creator’s Shelf is a partnership effort of  Issac Two White Feather from Saugeen First Nation and Settler Ally Lori Gentle Eagle from Niagara Falls. Crafting helps us to open our hearts,

calm our bodies and connect us to spirit. It began as just another healthy distraction that supported Two White Feather’s efforts to

manage symptoms of mental health and addictive behaviours.

Much like his Father, Issac has a particular interest in working

with his hands and building with wood. Lori fondly remembers

times in her childhood spent with her Grandmother, making dolls
with dried apples
or embroidering table cloths with blessings left behind by those who gathered together during holiday meals each year. From her work as a Counsellor / Advocate and Soul

Worker/ Circle Facilitator, she knows the healing value

of creative expression.

On The Creator’s Shelf, you will find items infused with spirit

from Indigenous and Wise Woman (Goddess) traditions. We respectfully seek a lot of our supplies from the natural world

and let Mother Earth be our guide. We then come together

to breathe life into the creation and to share the meaning

or teachings that accompany it, either on paper or in one of our Crafting With A Conscience Workshops. Custom work

will always be considered as we believe,

one of a kind is the best find’!

We love to showcase other artists who use their medium in

healing ways. And we believe in giving back to community.

We contribute what we can of the craft sales to support the

build efforts of A Womb With a View; our peer support,

land based healing space that will offer crisis intervention, programming, respite for First Nations youth and/or

their caregivers while they are on the Red Road to recovery.

For more information please visit



Thirty-one Gifts

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HI!!  My name is Jody and I was born and raised in Hamilton where I still reside.  I am so excited to be here at this amazing Mojo Howloween Event and to be able to share all the amazing products Thirty-One Gifts has to offer.


I work a full time office job and also have a part time gig teaching dance which is my passion (I used to teach right

here in Dundas too).  When COVID hit dance wasn’t

running and I felt lost, not sure what to do with

all the extra time.  So I took the leap into running

my own business and I absolutely LOVE it!  Now

that things are starting to open up I am so excited to

meet so many great people at in person events!

I look forward to seeing you soon!

For more information please visit


Cutting Edge-
Stained Glass

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Ben Heaton

My name is Ben Heaton. I have always had a love of art and their different mediums. My parents took me to Dundas Valley School of Art to do family classes on a Sunday. I also spent many vacations visiting different Art Galleries. I finished an Art SHSM in June 2020 when I graduated from Dundas Valley Secondary School.

I started stained glass in October 2020 whereby I did a workshop with my Mum. I really enjoyed stained glass and went on to have two different teachers who taught me two different ways of doing stained glass. I decided in February 2021 to start my own stained-glass business and called it Cutting Edge-Stained Glass.

I have completed many custom orders for people in the Dundas Community, the United Kingdom, London, Toronto and Grand Bend. I also donated 33 stained glass pieces to a charity

at Christmas 2021. My Custom orders have included pets,

Company logos, various panels, sun catchers and garden stakes.

I also repair stained glass.

Most of my designs are hand drawn patterns. Someone asks me to make a custom piece and I come up with a design, show them and then with the help of my client we choose the glass.

My work is simply a way to express my love of stained glass and I hope it brings a smile to your face.

For more information please visit

Facebook: @ben.heaton.3551

GelMoments Nails

GelMoment Logo.jpg

I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Crystal. Together with

my business partner Debbie (my mom), we will be your

GelMoment Independent Distributors for 

The Mojo Howloween Bazaar

We started this little side hustle back in September 2020

and its because we both fell in love with the products

We have the BEST at home DIY gel polish

system & makeup that is non toxic

We have no harsh chemicals and strive to use the

cleanest products. We are latex, chemical free,

cruelty free & even vegan friendly ;) 

A frew reasons why we love GelMoment...

It's FAST  No top or base coat required and it cures 

in just 45 to 60 seconds!

It's EASY GelMoment offers a DIY, One-Step Gel Polish application from the comfort of your own home, saving

you the time and cost of a professional manicurist

It's DURABLE GelMoment Polishes aren't just beautiful, they're durable too! Our Gel Polish lasts up to 14 days 

It's SAFE Our easy removal system is non-damaging to your

natural nails, allowing for easy color changes as often as

you like. Did I mention its safe for children...say what!!!

For more information please visit

Facebook: 349966926153789/?ref=share 


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By Luna


Hi my name is Luna! I primarily make

handmade crocheted amigurumis!

Amigurumi is derivedfrom the Japanese

words "ami," meaning to knit or crochet,

and "nuigurumi," meaning stuffed doll.

I also make clothing to commission!

I want to be able to turn your

imagination into my creation!

For more information please visit

Instagram: @Amigurumi_by_luna

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Homemade by Zina


A bit about Homemade by Zina.  I am a lifetime Hamiltonian,

first generation Italian CanadianI started making red pepper jelly for my family a few years back. Shared it with friends and

more family and it’s just evolved into a year-round passion.  

Since then I have expanded my repertoire to 3 varieties of pepper jellies; red pepper, cranberry pepper & pineapple pepper jelly.

I also love making seasonal jams and jellies. I’ve started to include low sugar jam options for my diabetic clientele who want jam but require less sugar content.  I do my best to source local growers

fresh produce during harvest season. 

I also have a passion for homemade Italian biscotti variety

of flavours including an almond, vanilla chocolate chip,

cranberry lemon & orange, anise seed and a few other

varieties of Italian treats such as Pizzelli.  

For more information please visit

Instagram: @zz_ssw

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Salem’s Lott Scary Hot Sauces are award-winning gourmet sauces made with all natural ingredients.

No preservatives added. Gluten-free, vegan, nut

and dairy free. Low sodium and sugar as well.

As a professional musician travelling the world

Jeff Salem was inspired to create a line of

hot sauces with great flavour and just the right

amount of kick. Enjoy a mouthful of OUCH today.

For more information please visit


Facebook: @salemslotthotsauces

Instagram: @salemshotsauces     


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Sensational Scents
With Sara

Sara Scentsyb.jpeg
Sara Scentsyc.jpeg

Independent Scentsy Consultant

New to Scentsy life but more than willing

to help get you what you want or need

to make everything smell better


For more information please visit



Hi all! We are dedicated to sharing

authentic indigenous jewelry,

home decor and size-inclusive apparel

All sizes are the same price!

For this market, we will only be

bringing jewelry pieces.We have

hand-beaded pieces, as well as some

leathercork and resin pieces that have

either been hand-beaded or hand-painted.

For more information please visit

Facebook: @ShopIndiginature

Instagram: @Indiginature

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Black Hat
Healing & Witchery

Hello, I'm Meghan, Hedge Witch and owner

of  Black Hat Healing &Witchery

I sell dried and live herbs that you can't

find at the grocery store.

(for use in Witchcraft

For more information please visit

Instagram: @Blackhathealingandwitchery

Hello there my name is Tina. I am super busy with a

full time job and 3, that’s right...3 teenage daughters

but as busy as I am I had to find time to bring

Color Street to all the lovely ladies who not yet

heard of or tried them.

This product is amazing. Not only are these

color strips made of 100% nail polish, which

makes them safe for your nails, you need

no time to let them dry. That’s right apply and

away you go! Ready to do what ever you need

to do without worrying about smudging them.

There are soooo many more reasons you need

to try these, so come find me and let

me educate you. You too will soon be obsessed!

For more information please visit

Facebook: @notyomamaspolish

Instagram: @notyomamaspolish

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The Mossy Rockb.jpg
The Mossy Rocka.jpg

The Mossy
Rock Studio

Gemstone pendants created to accentuate the gem, its power

and beauty. All handmade one of a kind original pieces.

The Mossy Rock Studio came about by chance. Mark, the Artist

is a wounded warrior. While out on a day trip with his

beautiful wife, they visited a Gem and Healing shop.

Inside, Mark was overwhelmed with the positive

and embracing energy he felt.

They walked around and selected gems that were calling out

and drawing them to feel the energy they were sharing. Even

though he had never worked with wire, Mark felt compelled

to begin creating wearable works of art to enhance,

embrace and accentuate what the gems are sharing-while

at the same time keeping his mind occupied

with positive thoughts.

All items are crafted with positive intention and energy cleansed 

Creating beautiful pieces of wire art Gemstone Pendants

and Jewelry to allow you empowerment.

For more information please visit



Instagram: @themossyrock

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Alkas Gardena.jpg
Alkas Garden stone frogs_edited.jpg

Alka's Garden

Hi, I'm Alka,  an artist and the owner of Alka's Garden.

I help people beautify their homes/gardens by creating

unique handpainted items on unusual surfaces. You can

find my artwork on Alka's Garden on Instagram or Facebook

I stumbled into my gift when one day I was asked to be in

a craft show, but didn't know what I should paint to sell.

My oldest daughter stated that I should paint all the rocks

that I had lying around in my garden. I painted a few

and I LOVED painting on them so much, that

I became obsessed with painting on rocks.

I have painted stones the size of my thumbnail, the

largest rock was more than 2 feet across. Recently I have started painting on raw wood slices or pieces of wood

with watercolours and acrylic

My creations flow through what I envision in my

mind's third eye and as a reiki/energy healer,

all my pieces are infused with reiki energy.

For more information please visit

Facebook: @alkasgarden

Instagram: @alkasgarden

Sediment & Sorcery

Sediment & Sorcery offer a unique variety of

healing crystals, tarot cards and

pendulums, metaphysical/spiritual literature

and natural art.

For more information please visit


Instagram: @sediment.and.sorcery

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Wendy Conradd.jpg
Wendy Conrada.jpg
Wendy Conradc.jpg

Nana's Dress
Up Box

Hi I am Wendy like Caspers friend. I am the ultimate Halloween lady. I have spent the last twenty years

creating Halloween costumes and props. Now I am

sharing my passion with my special friends.

I make spooky centerpieces for those

haunting dinners and design Halloween wreaths

to greet all the little goblins who visit your house.

    My newest creations are my kids as I refer to them.

They are custom gnomes of your favourite person

or hero. Each one is one of a kind using your info

of the person you wish me to create.

Like Dr. Frankenstein I can make your own creation.

Can't wait to see you all.

For more information please visit:

Facebook:  @wendy.conrad.73

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2 Bombed momsa.jpg
2 Bombed momsc.jpg

2 "BOMB"ed Moms

2 "BOMB"ed Moms offer Fun And Unique Chocolate Treats! A Little Something For Everyone.

Homemade From Scratch. Chocolates, chocolate

covered everythings, charcuterie, charcuterie

covered in chocolate!

We can create just about anything you imagine and

for almost any occasion! Graduations, weddings, birthdays, divorces…. you name it!

For more information please visit


Instagram: @2_bombed_moms


Curandera logo.png

Everything I am comes from my forebears that walked before me.

Offering traditional Latin-American folk healings,

readings & clearings


[koo-rahn-de-rah], noun

Spanish. a female folk healer or medicine woman who uses herbs

or psychoactive plants, magic, and spiritualism to treat illness,

induce visions, impart traditional wisdom, etc.; a female shaman

Hello I'm Carolina. The sacred calling of la curandera cannot

be expressed properly through words. My hands are guided to

help others and the Holy Spirit is at the core of everything I do.

The spirits have spoken to me since childhood and I just listen.

I thank my ancestors for holding my hand on this journey.

For more information please visit



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Stone Turtlea.jpg

Stone Turtle Studio

Stone Turtle Studio is physically operated from a studio located on the Thames River in Kent Bridge, Ontario, Canada.

The family could be found in the studio assisting and giving

their direction. From Katie coming up with the name and

creating the sloganwe love turtles and work with stone” or

Ben helping organize and weighing cabochons while

listeningto his favorite YouTube channel.

For more information please visit



Instagram: @stoneturtlestudio

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Chandas PCe.JPG
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Chandas PCb.JPG
Chandas PCc.JPG

Chandas Paper

Chandas PCd.JPG
Chandas PCg.JPG

Hi there, my name is Chanda and I’m a hobbyist who

loves making greeting cards. I've been making my

cards for almost 20 years and this is the

first year I thought I'd try selling them.

I also sell cotton candy. I have many unique flavours

including Pina Colada, Birthday Cake, Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint, Chocolate Covered Cherries, and more.

Feel Free to follow me on Instagram to see more

of my work.
Chanda Goldsworthy

For more information please visit

Instagram: @chandas_paper_creations

EmBee Logo.jpg

EmBee Natural


Embee Natural Soaps was established in the Fall of 2021 after my wife and I decided to make a few all natural, handmade soaps as Christmas gifts for family and friends.

Our soaps were a huge hit and everyone started asking for more. We then decided to start our home based business

and share our bars with the public.

We use pure simple ingredients such as coconut oil,

shea and aloe butter, clays, natural exfoliants, and

pure essential oils.

Our rich creamy bars produce a rich thick decadent

lather that cleanse