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Paranormal Investigations
Metaphysical Mojo invites you to become a team member in a Paranormal Investigation. John Boyd guides the group as you gather evidence, exploring some of the most haunted areas of various cities. Use EMF detectors, K2 meters, digital recorders, laser thermometers and other equipment to look for proof of paranormal activity.
Are you ready to face your fears??
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The SÉANCE Parlour
Metaphysical Mojo  o ffers you a chance to take part in a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. Join John Boyd at the SÉANCE table in various Haunted Locations. Use an EMF detector, digital recorder and Spirit Box to capture proof of paranormal activity.
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Psychic Sunday
Metaphysical Mojo Presents Psychic Sunday at various locations. Join Johnathon Shannon as he answers three of your questions using Psychometry and Channeling. This is your chance to find out about your Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, Psychic Gifts, Past/Present/Future and messages from Loved Ones. 

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